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Criminal Appeal Case No 87 Of 2023, Peter Michael Madeleka Versus The Republic Of Tanzania.

On the trial between The Appellant, Peter Michael Madeleka vs The Republic, the appellant was wa challenging the previous judgment on the two grounds That, the Honourable Court's (sic) erred in law and fact in holding that consequent to the nullification o f plea bargain agreement the parties are reverted to the old charge before amendment that containing (sic) non bailable offenses; and That, the Honourable trial magistrate erred both in law and fact by denying the Appellant bail on the basis o f non-existing charge. 

The appellant has been released on bail by signing a bond of shillings One Million only (TZS 1,000,000/=); . The Appellant shall have one surety bearing a proper identification from a reputable Institution. The surety to sign a bond of shillings One Million only (TZS 1,000,000/=)

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