Petition comes from the Anglo-Norman word peticiun, meaning "demand or request”.In general practice, a petition can mean two things;

  • A formal request to an authority, usually a governmental institution on matters of public policy, and contains a request for action, or in some cases, not to take action.
  • A formal written document submitted to a court, and which asks for the court to redress what is described in the petition as being an injustice of some kind.

Iclusive Development for Citizens Petition Approach
IDC-TZ empowers people to take part and influence decisions through its petition platform by formally requesting an authority (government/private entities) for action or inaction on pressing matters or matters of public policy.

IDC-TZ does not influence the petitions but provides a backup support by addressing the responsible authorities/institutions as well as give a feedback report on the comments given or action taken as a result of the petition.

How It Works
  • -Create a petition: - Call on different actors to take action on pressing issues
  • -Gather Signatures: - Share your petition with others
  • -Addressing of Respective authorities/actors:- Under IDC-TZ initiative
  • -Feedback from respective authorities/actors:- Under IDC-TZ initiative

Change through Actions


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