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General Report of the Controller and Auditor General on the Performance and Specialized Audit Reports

Performance audits seeks to improve accountability and performance of government organizations. Also, it provides an objective assessment of the extent to which the audited body has used its resources in carrying out its responsibilities with due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Section 28 of Public Audit Act No.11 of 2008 gives the Controller and Auditor General of Tanzania mandate to carry out performance audit. 

This general report provides common weaknesses noted, conclusion and recommendations in seven performance audits  on agricultural sector conducted between 2015 and 2019 relating to provision of extension services to farmers, agricultural crop pests and diseases outbreak, pesticides in agricultural activities, provision of support services to Small and Medium Enterprises, availability and accessibility of good quality agricultural inputs to farmers, supervision of construction activities of irrigation projects in Tanzania and provision of extension services which includes its follow-up.  

We have focused specifically on assessing how the government is managing agricultural development in order to ensure efficient, competitive and profitable agricultural industry that contributes to the improvement of the livelihoods of Tanzanians and attainment of broad based economic growth and poverty alleviation. The report provides highlights on the issues revealed in the conducted performance audit against what was expected in terms of service delivery. 

The report gives insights based on individual performance audit reports on the extent to which government entities manage the development of agricultural sector and ensure that there is effectiveness in execution of its interventions in the development of agricultural sector for the public sector...

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