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Annual General Report Of The Controller And Auditor General On The Audit Of Public Authorities And Other Bodies For The Financial Year 2017/2018

My Office has continued to make the Controller and Auditor General’s work more relevant and intensive by focusing our audits in areas of highest risk and greatest importance to the public’s well-being. This report has highlighted in summary deficiencies noted in key areas of operations of Public Authorities and other Bodies (PA&oBs), together with recommendations on the noted findings. The detailed findings are covered under individual reports of respective Institutions. 

This report has 19 chapters, which cover significant audit matters noted in the areas of financial performance and going concern assessments of PA&oBs, revenue and expenditure management, corporate governance and strategic and operational efficiency of PA&oBs among others. 

Given the efforts of the 5th phase Government in uplifting the economy through industrialization, I have assessed deficiencies in the investments of Public Entities to identify the bottlenecks and provide recommendations to overcome them. I have also reviewed performances of six Government owned Banks and highlighted scope for improvement in a number of areas. 

While appreciating Government’s efforts to improve performance of social security schemes in the country by merging some of the Pensions Funds with a view to reducing operating cost and increasing efficiency in the sector, I have pointed out deficiencies which need immediate Government attention for improvement to ensure achievement of the intended objectives. 

The report has also identified areas which need to be addressed urgently to reduce water loss and other inefficiencies in performances of the Water Authorities. Procurement and Contract Management take substantial part of Government expenditure, and despite the measures being taken to improve controls in Government procurement; I have continued to note weaknesses which indicate that more interventions are required. I have also highlighted measures which need to be taken to strengthen the administration of Property, Plant and Equipment. 

As it was in previous years, this report summarises key issues identified in special and forensic audits I conducted during the year. The presentation of the results in this report takes into account that such reports are dealt with administratively by management of concerned entities  or followed up by law enforcing organisations. 

It is my hope that recommendations in this report will be taken on board, and the Government will institute mechanisms to ensure that implementation status of my recommendations is monitored. 

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