Wenye Nchi Wananchi

As stated in the constitution, that The United Republic of Tanzania is a state which adheres to the principles of democracy and social justice and accordingly – The Government and the People Act No.15 of 1984 Art.6

(a) sovereignty resides in the people and it is from the people that the Government through this Constitution shall derive all its power and authority;

(b) the primary objective of the Government shall be the welfare of the people;

(c) the Government shall be accountable to the people; and

(d) the people shall participate in the affairs of their Government in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

Given the current trend in democracy, the above has not been adhered to by the government and as a result citizens have suffered great loss in terms of their rights as the sole owner in which power resides.

WENYE NCHI WANANCHI is a movement started with an aim of reminding citizens and the government that power belongs to the people in order to put an end to the existing false democracy.

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