UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet noted that in Tanzania there has been a “growing trend of democratic repression…

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet noted that in Tanzania there has been a “growing trend of democratic repression and civil rights, a situation that is further undermining the human rights environment”.

“NEC reinstates 15 in parliamentary race, dismisses 40 appeals: National Electoral Commission (NEC) has reinstated 15 parliamentary candidates who were initially sidelined as ineligible. They were reinstated after appealing against their exclusion. NEC said in a statement released yesterday and signed by director of elections Wilson Mahera that the commission rejected 40 appeals filed by disqualified parliamentary candidates.”

CHADEMA in Serengeti zones said earlier today that they have received a notice of the removal of CHADEMA flags and the beating of leaders in areas where the CCM Presidential Candidate John Pombe Magufuli is expected to pass for campaign today, ” the areas of Mwigumbi Kishapu, Maswa, on the eve of Leo Bariadi Parliamentary Candidate was attacked for the purpose of forcing him to withdraw from the Candidate” says CHADEMA statement through Twitter account

Tanzania 76 ACT Wazalendo parliamentary candidates, out of 218, have been disqualified by election officers in constituencies. 40 were not nominated and 36 ( 22 in mainland,14 in Zanzibar ) disqualified through ridiculous objections. ACT and CHADEMA has vowed and called for MASS ACTION

“Top NGO miss out on election observer election list, this Include Tanzania Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalitions (THRDC), Tanzania Election Monitoring Commitee (TEMCO). Only 245 local NGO has been allowed to provide Voters education (civic education). NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) have been left behind in a list of 96 local institutions approved by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to oversee the 2020 General Elections. The big names missing in the list include the Tanzania Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) and the Tanzania Constitution Forum (TCF).

“Mbeya Urban office was set on fire tonight by unknown assailants. This happened hours after Tundu A Lissu
arrival in Mbeya City to seek guarantors for his presidential nomination. This also follows the burning of Chadema’s Northern Region office in Arusha last week.”

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