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Ombi Kwa bunge na serikali kuongeza muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali (8) zilizopo bunge kwa hati ya dharura.

Posted on : 25 June, 2019

Tunawasilisha hapa ombi la kuongezewa muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali ulioletwa bungeni kwa hati ya dharura.

Muswada husika yaani the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act no.3 (2019) unahusu sheria nane: Sheria ya Makampuni, (Sura ya 212), Sheria ya Hakimiliki, (Sura ya 218), Sheria ya Filamu na Michezo ya Kuigiza, (Sura ya 230), Sheria ya Mashirika yasiyo ya Kiserikali, (Sura ya 56), Sheria ya Vyama vya Kijamii, (Sura ya 337), Sheria ya Takwimu (Sura ya 351), Sheria ya Uwakala wa Meli, (Sura ya 415) na Sheria ya Muunganisho wa Wadhamini, (Sura ya 318).

Tunataka hati ya dharura iondolewe ili kupata nafasi ya kufanya majadiliano yatakayoplekea kufikiwa kwa muafaka mzuri na kuboresha nia njema ya serikali kuimarisha usimamizi na uratibu wa sekta ya Azaki.

Marekebisho hayo ya sheria mbalimbali yanaleta mabadiliko muhimu katika sekta husika na jamii kwa ujumla. Ni muhimu kuhakikisha kwamba tunakuwa na mtazamo wa pamoja juu ya matokeo ya mabadiliko hayo kabla ya kupitisha sheria hizo.

Ushirikishaji unatoa nafasi kwa watu wengi zaidi na kupata mitazamo tofauti katika mchakato huu, ungeturuhusu kutazama kwa mawanda mapana zaidi na kupata suluhisho sahihi. Hatua hii inaweza kupunguza madhara yanayoweza kujitokeza, kusaidia kuwachechemua wadau kufanya maamuzi sahihi na kufanya utekelezaji wa sheria hizo kuwa rahisi bila kukumbana na vikwazo.

Tunaamini kuwa kuna nafasi kubwa ya kuboresha mapendekezo na imani ya wananchi kama mchakato uliopo sasa utasitishwa na kutoa mwanya mpaka bunge lijalo ili wananchi washiriki.

Sisi kama raia wema wa Tanzania, tunaomba hati ya dharura iondolewe kwenye huu muswada ili sisi sote tuweze kushiriki katika kuboresha kwa sekta ya Asasi za Kiraisa na ujenzi wa taifa letu.

#UhuruWetu #ChangeTanzania

Currently in Parliament, a series of laws are being changed. These changes are being made urgently using rules that are normally meant to govern emergencies or crisis. Overall, taken together, the laws generally regulate how organisations are managed by the government and affect how all freely all citizens can express their views, participate in decisions that affect them and hold their representatives accountable.

We hear a lot about civil society, but what is it and what do they do? This name is used for organisations working in the interest of the citizens but operating outside of the governmental and private sectors.

What has civil society in Tanzania contributed?

  • Civil society can provide services directly – they might care for people with certain diseases or make sure less fortunate kids still get access to books.
  • Sometimes in this role they work directly with the government, helping to build government health centers, water sources and schools.
  • Civil society can help government get feedback on its decisions and actions, either from an organisation or by collecting views from different groups and areas
  • Civil society organisations often help to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems that they can try to out before advising government on whether they work or not
  • Civil society can provide an honest but helpful mirror to government to understand how well they are doing and how to better serve the people
  • Civil society works to make society more equal by protecting those who often have a harder time being hard or accessing opportunities
  • Civil society organisations help us to learn, they generate new knowledge and share this with citizens and leaders so it can contribute to our progress and development
  • As organisations, civil society employ thousands of people, pays hundreds of millions of shillings in tax and contributes millions of shillings to the local economy by buying products and services

But these laws present a threat to civil society in Tanzania for two major reasons:

Lack of fair play

In government, there are many officials who play the role of a referee in a football match. And yet the referees in government are always hired by one particular team. This means that we must take great care not to allow them too much power over the other teams or players. In these changes to the law, there are at least three cases of officials being able to just decide to close down organisations based on their beliefs. Companies can even be closed down because the Registrar believes they have committed a crime.

And what if, for example, when you came to play your next match, you were told that all teams with stripes on their shoes were no longer considered teams and could not play. In these changes, what it means to be an NGO has been changed and many of us do have stripes on our shoes and won’t be able to play anymore.

Changing the rules

In these changes, it is as if the entire rules of the game have been changed – who is allowed to play, what game, what is the pitch like, hands or feet. But then the players are only given a very short time to learn the new rules, adjust their team to manage and start scoring goals again. These things should be changed with discussion and consultation, and allow people time to adapt.

No complaining

And while all of this is happening to the game you play or love, you are not meant to complain about it or get together with your peers to try to solve what you see as problems. Part of these changes to the law are designed to exert more control over what we say and see, how we come together.

Overall, we believe that it is important to coordinate all the different organisations and actors in the country, and this is an important part of the job of government. But we must make changes carefully and thoughtfully, with time to think and imagine. Otherwise we will start with good intentions but emerge with unintended consequences. And these can take years to correct.

Analysis and Facts: (Follow the links below)

Kwa nini tunajali…..?

Mapendekezo Ya Marekebisho Ya Sheria hati ya Dharula.

Position of Civil Society Orgnisations on the Miscellaneous Ammednments Bill No. 3, 2019

Mambo ya kuzingatia Mapendekezo ya Marekebisho ya Sheria Mbalimbali, Juni 2019

Reasons for Signing

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Salome ochiengJustice for Azory 2 months ago

Joshua MghaseJustice for Azory. Justice for everyone.. 2 months ago

Domician MoshaMuswada hauna maslahi chanya kwa taifa 3 months ago

Japhety RumokaThis laws must be take ammendment for our country benefit and not personal benefit 3 months ago

Abdallah AbdallahNapinga kutwa kutungwa sheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Raphael MtweveInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Asajile MwakyusaSikubaliani na mabadiliko ya sheria yenye lengo la kunufaisha kikundi cha watu wachache na kuwakandamiza watanzania walio wengi 3 months ago

Ruth MgalulaThis is not fair 3 months ago

Maulo KigodiNimechoshwa na Sheria za dharura 3 months ago

ELIAS YASAYAi need deveropment in film industry 3 months ago

Michael KambaulayaWe need more time to decide on this matter 3 months ago

Hassanali AlfamawyI want Tanzania not only to be under the principles of rule of low but also the lagislative body to work impartial and give the absolute fair opportunities among all parts from political, religious, to civil societies and stop bullying the people giving the advantages to only ruling party government. 3 months ago

Elias MathewSheria kwa maendeleo ya nchi tu si vinginevyo 3 months ago

Paulo NgoduChange for mutual country benefits and not minority benefit 3 months ago

Francis FestusNapenda watoe sheria ambayo itakua ni yenye mashali ya watanzania na si kwa ajili ya manufaa ya watu au kikundi cha wachache 3 months ago

George WayaThis is not acceptable kwa uhai wa utalii wa filamu Tanzania 3 months ago

MaKene NgoromaNataka kuona maendeleo endelevu yanayokidhi matakwa ya wananchi wote wa Tanzania kwa ujumla na sio matakwa ya watu wachache au kikundi cha kisiasa. 3 months ago

john kipinguLazima sheria yoyote inayotungwa iwe kulinda maslahi ya mwananchi sio kulinda wanasiasa 3 months ago

Gerald KileoNaamini kwenye mabadiliko. 3 months ago

Dickson PatrickIn support of civil society activism 3 months ago

Andulile MwaisakaI want laws that promote human rights, giving priority to freedom of expression which is only tool available to human to enforce his/her creativity. 3 months ago

Baraka MbarukuSitaki huo mswahada kwa maslahi yangu nnchi 3 months ago

Ruzyena DadiI don’t like 3 months ago

Dennis Edward EsqThe must be changes and those changes start with us 3 months ago

Venance MlaliWe need to be involved.why emergency? 3 months ago

Lindelwa NxeleSupport civil society activism 3 months ago

Rachel AndreaKupinga Hati ya dharura 3 months ago

Christopher KruuseThe bill would impact negatively on human rights, including freedom of association, the right to fair administrative action, the right to participate amongst others. 3 months ago

Sadick MossesSheria inamuumiza mwanamke 3 months ago

Ally AllyStop the bill 3 months ago

Anna josephKuondoa muswada uliopelekwa kwa hati ya dharura. Pili hii imekuwa kawaida kwa bungeletu kupitisha shiria ambazo ni kandamizi. Kwa neno wanao afikiiii waseme ndiooooo.tukijua kabisa lazima ipitishwa.jaman let change Tanzania. #uhuru wetu sote#Inclusive Development for Citizens # 3 months ago

Ashura JumanneTo stop the government from passing a bad law and encourage it to value the ideas of non governmental organisations and civil societies 3 months ago

Samwel MhandoTanzania ni yetu sote na si kila mtanzania ameaajiriwa serikalini bali ni kwenye mashirika yasio ya kiserikali,dini au kujiajiri mwenyewe,,hivyo tunaomba huo mchakato wa kupitisha muswaada usimame mara moja.Hatutaki!! 3 months ago


Tolu MkaliHatuhitaji kubadilisha sheria kwa hati ya dharula bila kuwepo udharula wenyewe 3 months ago

NDARE NDARESipendezwi na vile MAMBO NYETI YA KITAIFA YA MUHIMU yanavyoamuliwa kirahisi rahisi bila kuushirikisha umma wa Watanzania 3 months ago

Hamza KiwangaSTOP THE BILL 3 months ago

Salum KangaTunapinga huo Masada usipitishwe kwa sababu utaleta madhara ya kiutendaji 3 months ago

Charles HauleStop passing the bill 3 months ago

Hakika BuchaKupiga kura kupiga muswaada wa mabadiliko ya sheria namba tatu 3 ya katiba ya Jamhuri Ya Muungano wa Tanzania. 3 months ago

James SingoSome of the intended laws are definately going to retard and Shake human development in Tanzania. 3 months ago

Innocent RingoHati ya dharura iondolewe ili pawepo na muda wa kujadili mabadiliko hayo. 3 months ago

Samwel NyaimagasaWe need full democracy! 3 months ago

Deogratias RutahindurwaThe motives behind the Bill are political not developmental! 3 months ago

Goodluck TarimoIt will let some of this Asas to fail in their responsibilities 3 months ago

Protas KaraniThe Act will be empedment to development. 3 months ago

Stellar SStop passing the bill 3 months ago

Abdallah SamathaTupate muda wa kuichambua na kuelewa 3 months ago

Ashery kambonaStop pettition,save our country 3 months ago

Zeky KachotaManeno ya wenye hekima yanenwayo taratibu husikiwa, zaidi ya mlio wake atawalaye katikati ya wapumbavu 3 months ago

George NyandaTo stop passing of the bill (amendment bill) 3 months ago

Mwale ChiumeRaia wapewe nafasi ya kujadili 3 months ago

Eliud KamwambiMuda uongezwe watu watafakali kwa kina 3 months ago

Damasius PetroThe would Engineer corruption, kill the employment and the FDI as well as belittling or killing the human right activism 3 months ago

Bahati MkehaThose are vexacious laws intending to oppress and burn non governmental organizations particularly those registered as companys limited by guarantee, we should prudently fight this 3 months ago

L MTo Inclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Omary adam GoldenHili tuendelee yatupasa tuongee Lugha Moja. Kwaiyo kutunga kanuni kandamizi kwa maslai yako mana ake atuongei lugha moja tena hapo 3 months ago

Ahadi MweteniStakeholders should get opportunity to take part in the initial reviews. 3 months ago

Ezroum KamenyaWe want rule of law 3 months ago

Nassor KhamisHaki na Uhuru 3 months ago

Joseph mtesigwaSipendi kuwa mtumwa kwenye nchi yangu 3 months ago

Idris AbdallahThey are defending human rights, speaking for citizen when all are silent. 3 months ago

Salma SosoveleTo be free with my country,sitaki kuwa mtumwa ktk nchi yangu@changetanzania... 3 months ago

Kassim MasoudSpread the voice of the voiceless 3 months ago

Omar ALLYNaona serikali imeshindwa kuwatumikia wananchi wake sasa unataka kuwafanya wawe watumwa ndani ya nchi yao kwa kuwa kuminya UHURU hii ni tabia ya KIKOLONI 3 months ago

Antony SolloNaomba kuungana na Watanzania wenzangu kuiomba Serikali kutoa muda wa mahadiliano ili kufanyika kwa marekebisho yatakayohusisha wadau kwa mustakabali mpana wa Nchi hivyo kupitishwa kwa marekebisho haya kwa hati ya dharula kutasababisha madhara makubwa kwa mustakabari wa Taifa letu. 3 months ago

Hendry SamkyThe amendment will infringe the rights of CSOs to exercise their roles and responsibilities as per their constitution. Also CSOs haven't been given enough time to share their opinion on this matter. 3 months ago

Hemed Allythe reason is I don't agree or accept the changes of signing NGO'S in every after some yaers, I suggest to remain as it was before. 3 months ago

Sato MasanjaSerikali na bunge kuongeza muda khs mabadiliko ya sheria ya AZAKI, ili wadau waweze kushiriki kikamilifu kutoa maoni, na mapendekezo na kukosoa, hatimaye tupate sheria ambayo so kandamizi. Tanzania tusirudi nyuma kwenye sheria kandamizi za ukoloni enzi za TAA, Waingereza ambao walidai wamekuja kuindeleza Tanganyika lkn wakaweka sheria kandamizi kwa manufaa yao. #changetanzania. 3 months ago

Stella SukubeKupata taarifa mbalimbali 3 months ago

Frank MzooWe are not politician ,just giving relief to the community and the voice of the voiceless. 3 months ago

jovin NdunguruWadau hawajashirikishwa kutoa maoni na mapendekezo 3 months ago

Elihaki TasaniBila uhuru hakuna maisha, kuziminya asasi za kiraia ni kuuminya uhuru wa mtu mmojammoja 3 months ago

Ponsian LyakinanaHakuna udharura wowote wa kuipitisha hii miswada haraka haraka ni vizuri wakaijadili 3 months ago

Joseph MremaMakampuni mengi yatateseka na uchumi utaendelea kushuka kwa kasi 3 months ago

Enock WilldonLets have a citizens discusion regarding these NGO and how to run them as they are part of our Development. 3 months ago

Maj OleInakandamiza 3 months ago

Juhudi LupondoNi kandamizi na kutengeza udìkteta 3 months ago

Ozwin MwampikiI stand for rule of law and Human rights protection. 3 months ago

France NgowiThis petition is not right for us, as a nation 3 months ago

Selemani SekieteInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Joseph MyoyaNapaza Sauti na Muisikilize... 3 months ago

Edgar mwakitwileit's not fair for our country 3 months ago

HERI MSENGASheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Frank FrankIt's not fair 3 months ago

Amaniel AndrewBunge la Tx liwe sikivu kwa wananchi. 3 months ago

Elemeth OderoMuswada was asasi za kiraia ujadiliwe na wadau kabla ya kupitushwa kuwa sheria 3 months ago

Juvenary E. A. Matagili MatagiliILEMELA NGO's NETWORK 3 months ago

Joel MwaitegeHati ya dharura iondolewe ili kupata nafasi ya majadiliano. 3 months ago

Millionaire teslaNo equality 3 months ago

Alex MalyaDemokrasia ni mfumo wa maisha ni nguvu ya wananchi sitakubali kupokonywa nguvu hii. 3 months ago

Patrick NdabigezeInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

JONAS BikomboI need True Democracy in Tanzania 3 months ago

Potentine MbatinaHizo hati za dharula ziondolewe bungeni 3 months ago

Mussa RamadhaniTunataka Hati ya dharura iondolewe ili tufanye majadiliano. 3 months ago

karimu MrishoHaikuhisisha wananchi moja kwa moja kutoa maoni yao kuhusu faida na hasara zake kwa manuifaa yao 3 months ago

John mremiSheria kandamizi 3 months ago

BOAZI CHEYOhaina tija kwa maendeleo 3 months ago

Abdilah TerethaSikubaliani na mapendekezo yote ya marekebisho sheria ya hati ya dharula 3 months ago

Steven LaurentBad policy 3 months ago

John KashihaSupport the petition 3 months ago

Alphonse ChilatoToxic mindset is what holding this country backwards. Unfortunately, and sadly our leaders have no idea about it. They have failed in all programs and everyday they have a new thing. 3 months ago

Adath IsmailMiswada inayohusu wananchi iundwe kwa kuzingatia matakwa ya wananchi, 3 months ago

Atulinda BarongoSheria hizi ni muhimu sana kwa Uhuru wetu. Sio za kubadilishwa kwa haraka bila Bunge na wananchi kuzielewa kwa undani. 3 months ago

civil TanzaniaHaikuwa na haja yakuitisha hati yadharula ilibidi watanzania tushirikishwe katika kutoa maoni 3 months ago

Kennedy KakuluBad policy 3 months ago

Majaliwa MwitwaTo discuss all issues which are not be present in my societies which able to be eliminated and to share new knowledge with my fellow 3 months ago

Lulu NyenziCSO play virtual role to the country suistablity 3 months ago

Abdulrhaman KitwanaMamlaka yaliyopitiliza yataleta umasikini kwa watanzania kwasababu tulio wengi tunafanya kazi kati asasi za kiraia na kidini.hivyo kwa sheria hii upo uwezekano wa baadhi ya taasisi hizo kufutwa kwasababu ya chuki binafsi,sababu za kiasiasa,sababu za kidini n.k na kupelekea watanzania wengi kukosa ajira na kukosesha serikali kodi na mapato menhi sana.hivyo sikubaliana na muswada huu. 3 months ago

Omary MusenguziThe law prohibit freedom of association. 3 months ago

Emiliana MuchuNeed for precise in making changes to laws regarding NGO's in the country. Suala la Azaki sio suala la Dharura. 3 months ago

Ahmed KhalidMipango ya maendeleo ni vizuri tukaisikia iktokea kwa wananchi wenyewe na si kutoka juu kwenda chini mara nyingi inayotokea kwa Government inahusisha watu wachache na mara zote haizingatii maslai ya wengi wanaokwenda kuumizwa na mipango hiyo.tujadili kwa muda tutapata muafaka,jambo la maendeleo aliji kwa dharula kama Kipindupindu 3 months ago

Gertrude MugiziMuswada huu unapingana na misingi ya katiba yetu. Athari zake kwetu na kwa vizazi vitakavyoishi huko mbeleni ni kubwa mno. 3 months ago

maxmillian LubengoSi haki kwa kweli sijui tunaipeleka wapi nchi yetu 3 months ago

Charles MuttelThe need for changes 3 months ago

Theonest NyamboKukomesha ukoloni wa mtu mweusi Tanzania 3 months ago

Ayoub MollelKujenga taifa lenye Uhuru na haki # mabadiliko yanaanza na mm 3 months ago

abduel urassaKuzuia sheria kandamizi kwa ustawi wa jamii yangu. 3 months ago

Eradius MwombekiUpatikane muda wa kutosha kwa ajili ya kuzijadili hizo sheria, ili ipatikane sheria nzuri na bora 3 months ago

Innocent MselemoKuna dhana mbili dhana ya ujinga na kutetea madaraka yasiwaponyoke,Ni vyema kuishi bila kuumizwa au kumuumiza mwingine. Ili kumsaidia mjinga ni vyema kumpa nafasi ya kuzungumza ili kumwelimisha maana viongozi wetu wanawaza kuwa uhuru wa asasi hizi kutokuwa na kazi za msingi . Tunapaswa kuelewa kuwa na asasi hizi kunawapa msaada kwa uwatawala ulikuwepo madarakani kwa kuwapa ajira kwa watanzania na n.k Uhuru ni maendeleo, yaani mchakato wa kila siku ambao hupunguza vidhiti uhuru ni kudhibiti maendeleo. 3 months ago

Hipolite diwanitunatakiwa kupewa muda wanannchi ili tupate fursa ya kuona tija ya muswada huo kwa wanannchi na taifa kwa ujumla. 3 months ago

bernard charoMuda umekuwa mfupi mno wa kujadili haya mambo. 3 months ago

Godfrey YatabuSiafikiani na muswada huo, 3 months ago

majid matitufight for justice 3 months ago

Frank KahanantukiHakuna sababu ya kuleta miswada hii kwa hati ya dharula.Serikali imewekwa na wananchi,ni haki na wajibu wetu sisi wananchi kuwa na muda wa kutosha kujadili miswada hii kwa mapana hili tuweze kutoa maoni yetu yatakayosaidia kubolesha miswada hiyo kwa manufaa ya nchi yetu. 3 months ago

Hafidha AliUhuru kwa asasi zisizo za kiserekali....nchi ni wananchi....kunyimwa kwa uhuru wa asasi hizi ni sawa na kumkandamiza mwanamchi kimawazo na kiuwezo wa kufikiria katika kuendeleza taifa lake kwa maendeleo katika kila nyanja. 3 months ago

Monyo Johanson MonyoMuswada huu rafiki upo kisiasa zaidi hauna faida wala tija zaidi ya kukandamiza uhuru wa wananchi 3 months ago

Anwar Bahajkwa nia njema kabisa, naomba muda uongezwe ili ifanyike "Tathmini" na "Uchambuzi" yakinifu ili hatimaye tuweze kunufaika na sheria hizi 3 months ago

Yakila MpumuSheria inakiuka haki za binadamu. 3 months ago

FORTUNATUS LYIMOUn just laws can never be laws... Suppression of humanity has never be successful any where.... Let the parliament and government not to be remembered for bad reputation and highest rate of inhumanity 3 months ago

Vasco MwampasheInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Salum AthmanOpposing the law which is not good 3 months ago

Maximillian MngazijaI don’t know nothing about this law 3 months ago

Will RichOmbi Kwa bunge na serikali kuongeza muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali (8) zilizopo bunge kwa hati ya dharura. 3 months ago

Sylivery SararaMisingi ya utawala ndani ya nchi yetu ni wananchi. Sheria yoyote anayominya uwepo wako AZAKI, na asasi nyingine za kiraia pamoja uhuru wa mawazo na kujieleza hatufai kama Taifa. Sheria zinatoa wigo kwa wananchi na wadau wa demokrasia kutoa maoni juu ya mabadiliko yoyote ya sheria; hivyo serikali iondoe hati ya dharura na itoe muda wa kutosha wa wananchi na wadau wengine wa maendeleo na demokrasia kupitia miswada hii kwa kina na kutoa maoni na mapendekezo. WENYE NCHI NI WANANCHI. 3 months ago

John MloweCSO beneficiary 3 months ago

Mosha Mosha MoshaMswada huu unakandamiza Haki za Binadamu Unaminya Uwezo wa Mashirika Yasiyo Ya Kiserikali Haufai U apaswa kupingwa na kila Taasisi Na Mashirika Yote Ina Maana Hata Mashika Na Taasisi Kaka KIKWETE FOUNDATIO MKAPA FOUNDATION NA KIGODA CHA NYERERE navyo Vitabidi Kusimamisha Kazi zake Kutokna na Mswada Huhu 3 months ago

Moody KarikaNchi ya Tanzania ni Jamuhuri Huru....viongozi wapeni wananchi haki na Uhuru wa kuchangia miswada mbalimbali kabla ya kuipeleka bungeni. Hati za dharura za Nina.? 3 months ago

Rogers NyikaThe said Law is not friendly to the atmosphere of human development worldwide 3 months ago

Julieth MushiReason for Signing (Optional)it will affect NGOs work to the community 3 months ago

Japhace PoncianI believe in active and meaningful citizen engagement in decision making and governance processes. Tabling bills under a certificate of urgency is a serious infringement on the right of citizens to participate in shaping national decisions 3 months ago

Morgan JuliasSisi raia hatujaelewa wala hatujadhirikishwa na hakuna dharura yoyote 3 months ago

Nassor El-HadhramyIt will a negative impact in the economic situation in our country . 3 months ago

simon SanulaWe need more time to discuss and to know the benefit. 3 months ago

Imani KatuleNapinga hii kitu 3 months ago

Aloyce NjukulaWashirikishe wadau kujadili kwanza 3 months ago

David LuswetulaSerikali itoe muda wa kutosha kwa wadau ili na wao watoe maoni yao, kwani kama utapotishwa utazinyima HAKI ASASI nyingi sana za kiraia zitakazokuwa zinaenda kinyume na matakwa ya serikali 3 months ago

Geoffrey MwangamaWabunge kama kweli mnawakilisha wananchi (Watanzania) huko bungeni basi mtawasikiliza kwa kuipa muda miswaada hiyo ili maoni ya wananchi na wadau yapate kuzingatiwa. 3 months ago

Steven PeterMuswaada ujadiliwe kwa kina na mapungufu yote yaondolewe. Usipitiwe kwa hati ya dharura. Maoni ya wadau wote yakusanywe. 3 months ago

Loveness JosephWashirikishe wadau kujadili 3 months ago

Augustine NyandaTupate muda wa elimu kwanza kabla ya kusainiwa 3 months ago

Furaha NguliWe need equality 3 months ago

Zakayo MollelIt will affect investments 3 months ago

Samson NoahHili swala ni very sensitive wadau washilikishwe kikamilifu na mda pia uwe wa kutosha isiwe swala la dharula, na imani bunge letu tukufu litatusaidia katika hili 3 months ago

Laiki NdagileKusitisha mchàkato wa kupitisha Sheria mpya wa asasi/jumuia za kiraia. 3 months ago

Benedict KimbacheAgainst this Bill 3 months ago

Shaban BakariBunge Tanzania 🇹🇿 3 months ago

Grace MwachaKwa nini iwe ni kwa hati ya dharura, kuna haraka gani, tumeshuhudia sheria nyingi zikipitishwa kwa hati ya dharura na madhara yake yamekwishaannza kuonekana.Nawasihi wabunge wote ambao ndio wawakilishi wa wananchi kuungana katika masuala ya msingi.Hii nahisi ni yetu sote 3 months ago

Golan ElisanteBunge lisijadili muswada wa dharura bila kuhusisha wadau 3 months ago

Ottila CarlosMswaada upewe muda wa kutosha kujadiliwa n asiyo hati ya dharura 3 months ago

Phillip MagaiWe need time to discuss the bill 3 months ago

Boaz NdimbwaMuswada upewe mda wa kutosha na sio hati ya dharura. 3 months ago

Jerry BiasI can't agree this Mswada 3 months ago

Stella TeshaKubadilisha sheria kunahitaji majadiliano na mchango wa mawazo kutoka stakeholders ambao watakua affected. Sheria inayopitishwa haraka haraka hivi inaweza kuleta madhara kwa jamii bila kukusudia. Inahitajika muda wa kufanya uchunguzi, na kupata mchango kwa wote inayowahusu, kabla ya kufanya haya mabadiliko. 3 months ago

Raymend MkembelaWaupitie upya. 3 months ago

Kikaragosi mzalendoMswada Haufai kabisa 3 months ago

dismas mwachasheria ni mbovu itatufanya jamii ikose jukwaa muhimu la kusemea 3 months ago

Jimmy ManuchoHatima yetu, lazima tujadili vya kutosha! 3 months ago

Bosco MfundoNapinga muswada huu kandamizi 3 months ago

Martha IbrahimTunaomba majadiliano ya pamoja ya mswada huu wa sheria no3 ya mashirika yasiyo ya kiseeikali yafanyike kati ya serikali na NGO, na uondolewe kuwa mswada wa haraka 3 months ago

Idd NdossiNapinga SheriaYa kijinga inayotaka kupitishwa kwa hati ya dharura bungen 3 months ago

Peter KamachumuMuswada kandamizi kwa asasi za kiraia 3 months ago

king mainaKupinga muswada mpya wa Serikali wa sheria no 3 3 months ago

Mrashani KiizaSheria zinazopitishwa wahusishwe wadau wanaotungiwa Sheria hizo, Kuondoa sitofahamu na Elimu itolewe kwa wananchi juu ya Faida na madhara yake. Ndo maana Katiba ya WARIOBA inahitajika lakini bado atuoni atua hiliyochukuliwa. Tuondoeni ukilitimba Tanzania ni ya watu wote, Sheria Kandamizi ziwe na mwisho wake maana dunia inabadilika. Tuweni wazalendo Jamani wanao umia ni wananchi wala si VIP. 3 months ago

Babu NgurumaUnataka wa nn kubadili vitu, tujadiliane tupate kikichobora zaidi 3 months ago

Juliette LyimoThis is too short notice we have to review it.. We need time. There is no hurry to pass this law under emergency. 3 months ago

John FimboMswaada upitiwe upya 3 months ago

CLEMENCE MWOMBEKIWe need to see reasonable number of stakeholders involved in the process of suggesting the bill or any other way of improving the policies and laws in our country. We ask the extinction of time 3 months ago

HILIDA BANDALIkupinga muswada wa sharia kuwa kwenye hati ya dharura 3 months ago

Salum MasoudNapinga miswaada ya kijinga 3 months ago

Patricia KamugishaSitaki sheria kandamizi, Tanzania we need new constitution ile ya wananchi (warioba) sio ya wabunge 3 months ago

yeezus BukindaThere is no hurry to pass this law under emergency status 3 months ago

Hamadi magombaIm not intersting on this bill 3 months ago

Sophia Donaldkuongeza muda muswada 3 months ago

Risper JeremiahIt will be hard in establishing a new business 3 months ago

Ebenezer MtuiThe bill is not good 3 months ago

Azim EngemaSerikali ifanye mapitio ya muswada kwa umakini 3 months ago

Hellen H.Nkalang'angoNida so muafaka taarifa in yamda mfupi 3 months ago

Caroline MzirayBunge lisitishe mswada huu 3 months ago

Purity MsengiTo have more time for discussion 3 months ago

Juma JumaBunge lisitishe huo muswada 3 months ago

Cuthbert MushiSikubaliani na Bunge kupomea miswaada ya hati ya dharura. Ushirikishwaji wa wa-Tanzania unakuwa mdogo mno. 3 months ago

Abraham MoshiThere needs to be some sort of public sensitization on the matter before this is pushed through. People need to know and fully understand why this is happening. Let the people make the decision it seems the representatives aren’t making enough efforts 3 months ago

Exaud MfinangaWhy the rush we need more time 3 months ago

Asael NKama kuna nia njema katika kubadili sheria hizi 8, kwa ifanywe kwa uharaka hivi, kwa nn dharula? 3 months ago

PrayGod MinjaHakuna dharura katika mswada uliopelekwa bungeni inatia mashaka kusudio la serekali.na bunge kama sehemu ya kuihoji serekali kwa niaba ya wananchi lituambie kuna dharura gani. 3 months ago

Emmanuel KilasiIt will be very hard to do business and have new business established,so we should stop this at any cost because it has a direct impact to our economy and future 3 months ago

Wahida AllyBunge lisitishe muswada huo 3 months ago

Germano NgetwaSikubaliani kabisa na muswada huo kwani unazidi kutukandamiza wanyonge! 3 months ago

Amani SangaBunge lisitishe muswaada 3 months ago

Sharifa JawaSwala la maslahi ya Taifa au watu wengi halipaswi kuwa la dharura. Ni lazima wananchi wapewe fursa na nafasi ya kujua sheria ya zamani imekwama wapi na kwanini ibadilishwe tena kwa haraka. Maendeleo ya wengi si ya dharura na wala ushiriki wa watu wachache 3 months ago

Julius MbeikyaNo open discussion has been made, people are not aware about the bill and its acts,,we need sensitive discussion 3 months ago

Emanuel MushiAgainst with human right charter 3 months ago

Lucina SwaiNina heshima kubwa juu ya serikali yangu. Maendeleo ya nchi yetu yanatokana na mchango wa wadau mbali mbali. Maamuzi yoyote yatakayoathiri ustawi wa wadau wa maendeleo ni kuathiri juhudi za kuleta maendeleo katika nchi yetu. Naamini Mh. Rais yuko pamoja nasi katika kudumisha jitihada za maendeleo ya nchi yetu. Muswada huu upate nafasi ya kujadiliwa kabla ya kupitishwa. 3 months ago

Athumani MahimboSikubaliani na dharula wakati muda upo. 3 months ago

Hemedy LewangaSikubaliani na muswada huo 3 months ago

Eric MugangaMswada huu ni hatari kwa jamii. Kwanini Azaki za kiraia zimekuwa chachu kwa maendeleo ya mtu moja moja na hata taifa kwa ujumla. Serikali bila hizi Azaki haiwezi kifikia malengo chanya ya maendeleo ya taifa kea ujumla. Ni mwiba kwetu wote. Hili jambo lisitazamwe kisiasa bali kwa utashi na akili zenye misingi sahihi 3 months ago

Stanslaus MtuvetaNi muhimu mswada kujadiliwa na wadau wote kwa kina na kwa muda wa kutosha.... Maoni ya wengi ni muhimu 3 months ago

Patrick SimonNapinga mpango wa serikali kurudisha kodi 3 months ago

Daud MwanaholoWe need enogh time to read and understand why it's so hurry 3 months ago

Jack KaiFighting impunity 3 months ago

Yusuf MallyaTunapinga huu muswaada 3 months ago

Robert KulungaNo need to rush make everyone aware 3 months ago

Ali HajirinStoping this bill 3 months ago

Alfred KatumaSheria hii ikipitishwa haitakuwa na manufaa kwa nchi na hata kwa raia, hakukua na sababu ya msingi kuharakisha sheria hii katili. 3 months ago

Furaha NzundaMchakato haujatushirikisha vizuri wenye nchi, pia marekebisho hayana nia njema kwa ustawi wa Mimi, familia jamii na nchi yangu. 3 months ago

Kimacho KimboryPlease wasimamishe huu mswada wa mabadiliko ya sheria za NGOS 3 months ago

Iddi HamisiFighting for the human rights to review and understand the Amendments 3 months ago

Marecom MarecomHatuhitaji uharaka huu kwenye masuala yanyohusu maslahi yetu napinga udharula wa hii kitu 3 months ago

Gideon SiameSheria hii inaminya uhuru wa wananchi,inaua fursa za ajira kwa raia wake. 3 months ago

Joy JoyI am not supporting the bill 3 months ago

Tumaini ObondiProtect our freedom 3 months ago

Syakaa WilliamImplications za muswada zinahitaji muda zieleweke vizuri 3 months ago

Brighton Mwang'ondaI'm trying to do something right 3 months ago

Godlisten MwangaThis is unfair forming laws which will depress living standard of citizens. 3 months ago

ATUPAKISYE KAYANGESheria hii Ni hatarishi kwa ajira za watu wengi 3 months ago

Victor TembaFor maintain community development and freedom of speech and those NGOs provide employment 3 months ago

Mohamed MrishoI am not supporting the Bill 3 months ago

Baltazar LebaSheria hii inahatarisha ajira za waty wanaotegemewa katija ujenzi wa taifa 3 months ago

Rashi HabibuKuhatarisha uhai wa asasi na mashirika kwa ujumla kutaua uchumi wa nchi na ajira kwa vijana 3 months ago

Kelvin MrumaThis is unacceptable for freedom of speech and freedom of expressions 3 months ago

David MboweTo build our future 3 months ago

Acley MremiTo allow the chance of revising and discussion so that we Tanzanians to have good laws and regulations that are meant to protect the citizens and the Nation but not for few who want to win majority. 3 months ago

Filomena NamubaKwa nini dharura? #UhuruWaKujieleza #WenyeNchiNiWananchi 3 months ago

Sizarina HamisiImpunity must be stopped 3 months ago

Hamisi KonueMuswada auna manufaa kwa maendeleo ya nchi 3 months ago

Ferguson KasegeseAs a citizen 3 months ago

Zeno HancePinga mswada wa sheria 3 months ago

Tobias KabejaMuswada huu hauna manufaa kwa watanzania 3 months ago

Agustino KingBunge hii nchi ni ya wote sio ya kwenu pekeenu ipo siku hamtakuwepo mlipo na dhambi hii itawahusu hivyo hatutaki sheria ya asasi kwa Hari ya dharula 3 months ago

Hermes MwakisisileHakuna haja ya kuharakisha muswada huu. 3 months ago

John MagufuliKuzuia mswaada huu unaotaka kupelekwa bungeni kwa sababu utafanya maisha ya watanzania kuwa magumu sana. 3 months ago

Mtemi MsovelaMiswaada mingi ya sheria inayopelekwa Bungeni kwa dhalura inakuwa ya hovyo kabisa. Watanzania wengi hatujui nini hasa lengo la serikali hii ya hao wanyongwe 3 months ago

Kebheyo HijimanaHakuna usawa, ukeukwaji wa sheria na utu wa mwanadamu 3 months ago

Augustine KilemwaUnconstitutional 3 months ago

INNOCENT chachaReason for Signing (Optional)utararibu huo unaonyesha kumfaidisha zaidi mtawala na si RAIA wa kawaida. 3 months ago

Michael MihayoCommunity based organization, nongovernmental organization, foundation and other initiatives are the key pillar for the social and economic development of the society, it is very unreasonable for the coherent to take steps of presenting some changes concerning these bodies without discussing with leaders and other stake holders first. It is the violation of human rights. 3 months ago

Gasper RingoHauna manufaa kwa watu 3 months ago

Henry MassanjaIfike wakati Bunge liwe sikivu Kama la Marehemu Samweli Sita, Mhe. Ndugai na waheshimwa wabunge, kataeni huo Muswada hauna manufaa na sisi watanzania. Asante 3 months ago

Cyprian HauleHati za dharura kwa maslahi ya kwao sio sisi tulowengi.wabunge mkisema ndiyo 2020 tusilaumiane 3 months ago

Juna Mpenjakuzuia mswada wa haraka 3 months ago

iddi malangulabunge wasipitishe muswada kwa hati ys dharula 3 months ago

genndo lameckReason for Signing (Optional)Watanzania wengi ni vibarua na hali ya maisha imekua ngumu. Ukiibana makampuni ni sawa na kuwakandamiza walio na hali tete kiuchumi. Nchi yangu Tanzania 3 months ago

Benedicto LukanimaWe need a free nation 3 months ago

Muhadhiru NawemaSheria ni za kwetu kwa nini zipitishwe jwa haraka bila sisi wananchi kuzielewa? Muda uongezwe 3 months ago

Mchungaji Abiud SwaiMuswada huo usitishwe Mapema Iwezekanavyo! Ni Hatari kwa Ustawi wa TANZANIA yetu. Bunge liwe Sikivu 3 months ago

Bakari NaumaOmbi Kwa bunge na serikali kuongeza muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali (8) zilizopo bunge kwa hati ya dharura. 3 months ago

Thobias MaranduTuko Pamoja, We can't stand on the sidelines 3 months ago

Albert RweyemamuI love our democratic Tanzania 3 months ago

Ellypidius ObadiaBungee dhaifu balaaa 3 months ago

Farida GeuzyeFreedom , rule of law ...... 3 months ago

Janeth MhinaMajadiliano zaidi kwa mustakabali wa taifa. 3 months ago

daudi mwakimomofreedom of speech 3 months ago

Mboni AbrahamTunahitaji muda Wa kutosha kuweza kupitia na kupata sheria bora zaidi 3 months ago

Gabriel MsedaFreedom of speech 3 months ago

Njoly WeskeyI need Freedom Of Speech 3 months ago

Ilumbu RashidiRule of Law, Democracy,Freedom of Speech 3 months ago

Erick NyagawaEnough time is needed for all stakeholder for fully involved in intensive discussions in the process of the 8 ammendment of the bills..! 3 months ago

Stanley ChamboInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Godfrey AmbetIt will violate fundamental rights of an individual 3 months ago

Gabriel SaidiIt does not make good environment for investment 3 months ago

Boniphace NhandiIt will destroy private sector 3 months ago

Fabiola AsseySheria zinazofanyiwa marekebisho hazizingatii haki za binadamu bali ni sheria kandamizi. Tunahitaji muda wa kutosha kuzipitia na kufanya marekebisho yenye afya kwa ustawi wa taifa letu na sio kuumiza umma kwa maslahi ya wachache wanaochumia matumbo yao. Haki sawa kwa wote. Mungu ibariki Tanzania. 3 months ago

Victor NgowaHaki na misingi ya kibinadamu itakiukwa #changeTanzania 3 months ago

Godfrey MageyeReason for Signing Muswada upewe muda wa kutosha kujadiliwa kwa maslahi mapana ya umma 3 months ago

Danford LyimoThe expected passing bill will threteaned majority employment from private sectors. 3 months ago

Jons MsuyaThe amendments are against the well being of our country. 3 months ago

Gabriel MassaweBunge lifuate utaratibu, miswadabya sheria kabla ya kujadiliwa bungeni ipite kwanza kwa wananchi, wananchi na makundi mbalimbali yakiraia yapitie na kuuelewa, na kutoa mawazo yao. Hakuna haja ya kuupeleka muswada kwa hati ya dharura kwasababu hakuna madhara yeyote yatakayochelewa ikiwa sheria hyo itachelewa. 3 months ago

Cecar KihamaKulifanya bunge kuacha kupitisha hovyo muswada ya dharura 3 months ago

Jovin ClementEnforcing right policies and laws 3 months ago

Albert KamalaKwa hakika mabadiliko ktk sheria huhitajika kulingana na mahitaji muhimu ya nyakati! Lakini miswaada inayokuja kwa dharura ikipitishwa kuwa sheria inakosa hadhi ya mamlaka halali kwa kuwaacha wengi nje ya ushiriki wa kuchangia maoni! Kwa kukosa ushirikishwaji mpana wa wananchi sheria inakosa rafiki kwa walengwa, wananchi! 3 months ago

Shabir HassanNapinga muswaada wa mabadiliko ya sheria 3 months ago

Salehe MbazaHatutaki hati za dharula zijadiliwe sasa zipatiwe muda mwengine na wananchi tushilikishwe 3 months ago

Alfred KyenseSitaki muswada upite 3 months ago

Charles PaulKuliomba bunge kusitisha muswaada unaletwa kwa hati ya dharura ili wana nchi tupate mda wa kuusoma na kuu elewa 3 months ago

Mollel WayrreSerikal iongeze muda wa muswada wa sheria dhidi ya Azaki 3 months ago

ijukaine georgeInclusive Development for Citizens. Am against with that bill 3 months ago

Bashir KassimuKuzuia watawala waovu wa leo ktk nchi yangu kujitwalia madaraka ya kuamua kumuhujumu,kumtesa,kumfunga au kumuua kwa kigezo cha sheria hizi ambazo si sheria bali ni kamba na viti vya umeme vya kunyongea watakaojaribu kuhoji mienendo na matendo ovu na yasiyo sawa ktk utendaji wao dhidi ya jamii ya sasa na inajayo. 3 months ago

Monalisa NdalaMaslahi ya WanaNchi yawekwe mbele zaid, Serikali isitumie mamlaka yake vibaya, wanaotutumikia ni sisi wanaNchi. 3 months ago

Hokelai HokelaiChange ni sasa 3 months ago

Khaled HajjIt's about time 3 months ago

Susan MkubuloStop the AZAKi and NGO's bill it violence the human rights. 3 months ago

MUSA NJOGHOMITo organize with active people in order to bring changes in TANZANIA 3 months ago

Martin WuyI enjoy the idea of active citizenry. It’s my right to participate and see that together we bring the change we want. 3 months ago

Rakesh MwakamelaFreedom of speech and Human rights 3 months ago

Castor DeusWe need haki 3 months ago

Onesmo NicolausKubadri sheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Abraham OnesmoTo support the movement 3 months ago

masoud mansouryMasilahi ya wananchi yatizamwe zaidi kwenye hii sheria,freedom of expression 3 months ago

Maki MashaloStop the Azaki an NGO bill 3 months ago

Zacharia KisusaNot acceptable at all 3 months ago

Hans SoMswada ufutwe na usipitishwe na maana ni mbovu kabisaa 3 months ago

Nambuna MkawemaUdharura huu tunaolazimishwa utasababisha jumuia ninazoziamini katika Uislamu wangu zikifutwa ili tubakiwe na ile jumuia yao ambayo sidhani km inasimamia maslahi ya Uislamu na waislamu 3 months ago

Jonathan EmmanuelWe need an extensive time for evaluation 3 months ago

Mponda MpondaThe bill should not,be Allowed 3 months ago

Mohamed BakariFreedom is crucial 3 months ago

Rodgers NelsonWananchi tupewe elimu juu ya huu muswada huu tuujadili, tutoe maoni yetu kwa wawakilishi wetu ndio ukajadiliwe 3 months ago

Medface KasimbaMuswada wa azaki una mapungufu makubwa mno! Unayaona mashirika ya kiraia kama audio na siyo mdau wa maendeleo! Bunge liwe makini katika hili suala! 3 months ago

michael mahangaMuswada huu hauna mashiko kwa jamii yetu. 3 months ago

Chaz KoillahTanzania ni wakati muafaka kusikiliza wananchi sio kujiamulia mambo kiholela... Pia wananchi tujitazame tunapoenda kupiga kura hawa wabunge wa ndioooooooo kwa wingi wanatu cost let's remove them yangu hayo tuu 3 months ago

Tommy ShelbyTerrible laws. 3 months ago

leonard NimrodStop this amandement 3 months ago

Mohammed HamadBunge kuongeza muda 3 months ago

Mohammed BokkoAgainst human rights 3 months ago

Said BakarTo provide more opportunity for an excellent discusion 3 months ago

Langeni MrindokoWe need more time to read and understand that bill. 3 months ago

Kitogota MtangooThe petition should not be signed 3 months ago

Ngarami NgayaNeed more time 3 months ago

William MlakiMuswada urudishwe kwa wadau ili watoe mapendekezo yao 3 months ago

Adiel SunzaWe need more time! 3 months ago

Leon McharoWe need more time 3 months ago

Lucas MollelProvide more time for discussions. 3 months ago

Ramadhani NdiholeyeKuongezwe Muda wa kuwashirikisha wadau waweze kuuelewa na kutoa maoni yao 3 months ago

Juma MirigoMapema Hapana kwa sheria ya dharura 3 months ago

Makala ShaluaWe need more time for discussion 3 months ago

Godlisten ChahaMiswada hatari kwa uwekezaji na Ubunifu kwa vijana tunaotaka kujiajiri na kuanzisha kampuni, maana serikali hatengenezi ajira bali ugumu. 3 months ago

Maka PolisyaManufaa yawe kwa wote 3 months ago

Susanne IsmaelNeeds wider participation, understanding and discussion 3 months ago

ALAMU LULAKUZEKuongeza muda wa marekebisho ya sheria 3 months ago

Alberto OthuonSheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Samiel MollaTuna hitaji muda zaidi juu ya hii miswaada, tujadili na kuelewa kwa vizuri. #ChangeTanzania 3 months ago

doto dotoHakuna haja na hatuna haja ya kutuletea mswada wao watulie kwanza wasituzidishie ugumu wa maisha hapa walipo tufikisha inatosha 3 months ago

Kelvin KipinguHuu muswada umekaa kiukandamizaji usitishwe. 3 months ago

Chama KhamisWe need more time to discuss this matter 3 months ago

Bege MwaimuTunahitaji muda wa mchakato huu 3 months ago

Moeses NgungaiWe don't need this bil it going to destroy our freedom of business 3 months ago

Bruno MachaI want show and support this kind of movement and action toward positive changes of our country 3 months ago

Valentina GonzaInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Julius MhosoleViolates Freedom of expression 3 months ago

Jamal MsuyaNeed for more time of discussion 3 months ago

Fessy HandoSheria zisizo na manufaa kwa wananchi 3 months ago

Lugano MwaikelaKuchangia juu ya hoja zinazolenga kujenga taifa 3 months ago

Myahudi WakusnoozTupewe muda wa kupitia huo mswada 3 months ago

Never IeTunahitaji muda zaidi ili tuweze kujadili muswada huu wa unahusu AZAKI 3 months ago

Omary HassanInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Linsen MtaguzwaIts no appropriate 3 months ago

Dismas DaudiWe want Tanzania with freedom of speech 3 months ago

Erick MgendiMswada wa dharura juu ya Azaki usimamishwe usiendelee 3 months ago

Baraka KiulaWe need more time to discuss this matter 3 months ago

Muhula BuruyaTo Inclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Angelo MapundaAllow more time for discussions 3 months ago

Simon SarakikyaWhy are they rushing in passing some harshly laws?! 3 months ago

Jabir JabirHakuna haja ya kupitisha sheria kwa hati ya dharura bila wadau kupewa nafasi ya kutoa maoni yao. 3 months ago

Juma JumaWhy do we have to do that! 3 months ago

Frank MwaisumoInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

Filbeet MakwayaMuda uongezwa ili wadau tuweze kutoa maoni yetu Kwa usahihi zaidi 3 months ago

Lucy MollelAzaki zinaisaidia serikali katika maswala ya kijamii na kuifikishia jamii huduma ambazo serikali haijaifikishia bado 3 months ago

Michael SundayTunaomba bunge la Tanzania kurefusha muda wa mchakato wa mabadiliko ya sheria Ya AZAKI 3 months ago

karoli KadegheNo need for passing law on a rushed decisions 3 months ago

Noel ChekaJustice for Justice for everyone ,,The amendments should not be debated on the parliaments 3 months ago

John MashokoTunapinga utawala wenye viashiria vya udikteta 3 months ago

Juma SalimMswada unalenga kukandamiza raiya 3 months ago

Nzunda NzundaIt may limits freedom of citizens to form association and to use that association in checking and balancing the government's power and authority. 3 months ago

Musa SuleimanUhuru wetu 3 months ago

Rahim RashidAzaki ni kwajili ya wananchi .... 3 months ago

George AbelKua kinyume na miswaada ya dharura 3 months ago

Vincent VinchuwaMuda uongezwe... 3 months ago

Oscar KyaraNeed more time 3 months ago

jackson geraldi want to say somethng 3 months ago

Edson HauleI need democracy 3 months ago

Siegfried MwenisongoleHakukuepo ushirikishwaji wa wananchi 3 months ago

anuar EngemaHakuna haja yakupitisha miswaaada kwa hati ya dharula 3 months ago

Hans SoMswada ufutwe na usipitishwe na wabunge 3 months ago

Baraka DamoderTunahitaji muda zaidi wa kuipitia na kuielewa zaidi sheria hii 3 months ago

Godlove SwaiAsasi sa kiraia ndio nguzo na watetezi wakuu wa maslahi ya wananchi 3 months ago

Emilius MambuleAZAKI ni kwa ajili ya wananchi ni muhimu tupate muda wa kutoa mawazo katika hili. 3 months ago

Ommar OmarySiungi mkono sheria hizi kuletwa bungeni kwa njia ya dharura 3 months ago

John ChaleWe need more time to pass through the bill and Understand 3 months ago

Paul MaseleThe bill of laws have excluded majority of citizens to contribute and give out their views....Enough time should be provided so as to modify the bills 3 months ago

Patrick MwaveyahKukataza sheria kandamizi dhidi ya haki za binadamu isitungwe! 3 months ago

Chacha MuyaLaw ammendment must benefit the citizens instead of minority in power. 3 months ago

Elisha NaftariIt's against our rights 3 months ago

KASTULI DAGHAROTo add more time for the amendment of laws 3 months ago

ZAKAYO GHakuna haja ya kuharakisha muswada huu kupita kwa hati ya dharura ili kila muwakilishi na wananchi wamaowakilishwa pamoja na wadau wa asasi za kiraia kuupitia na kuuelewa kama una nia njema kwa maendeleo ya Taifa letu. 3 months ago

Aneth AnethTunahitaji muda zaidi wa kuchambua miswada yote,, dharura hii iondolewe kwanza 3 months ago

Enock LwegalulilaI don't agree with GOT behaviour of dealing with every situation under emergence reasons. We can have better laws and policies by following policy channels and policy cycle. Tz need evidence based policies ( EBP) and not political motivated ones. I strongly urge the Parliament to suspend all bills on the table and give more time to stakeholders and the general public to participate through discussions. 3 months ago

Sirah sirahmirahSerikali imekua ngumu kutoa ajira tangu 2016 ....ni taasis binafisi zimekua mkombozi wetu. So before election ambapo wananchi watawajipisha useless politicians..Watuache tuendelee kuhemea chakula huku kwa baba wa kambo NGO's 3 months ago

Omary MbechaHakuna muda Wa kutosha Wa sisi wananchi kufahamu hayo mabadiliko namna yanaweza kutuathiri 3 months ago

Juma AthumaniThe law is oppressive and it has direct negative impact on today's economy as well as the future's generation. 3 months ago

Wilson LegunaThe society at large did not get ample time to go through it...we should be given more time to discuss this NGO bill.. 3 months ago

Nolasco NgailoI need the amendment of laws to consider welfare of NGO's, not repressive. 3 months ago

Isaac JacoboTunahitaji sheria zinazotenda haki kwa kila mtanzania na siyo zinazokandamiza na kunyanyasa watu 3 months ago

Fred MhagamaCSO's represent the marginalised communities, must be fairly treated. 3 months ago

YONA KITTASerikali iache kuandaa na kutumia wingi wa wabunge wa ccm wasio na uelewa kupitisha miswada hii kandamizi 3 months ago

Lusubilo SamboI think stake holders should be given enough time to discuss and provide opinions on the changes, also government to process the opinions of the stake holders. 3 months ago

Richard Mbalasermbalase@yahoo.com 3 months ago

MBASOW MbasowMiswada yote ina maana ya kuminya uhuru wa watu,kuzuia uwekezaji mpya wa wageni na wazawa na kufulia mbali azaki ambazo ziko against maslahi ya watawala 3 months ago

Rajabu HamisUlakini na hiyo hati ya haraka. 3 months ago

Kavishe KavisheMuda si sahihi wananchi bado hawana elimu ya kutosha juu ya huu sheria 3 months ago

Gasto MgomokaThis new law will hinder social and political development 3 months ago

Jamillah MwanjisiCSOs are legitimate structures in our societies to support communities and governments I achieving our common vision. We are not the enemy! Lazima tupate muda wa kutosha wa kuchangia mawazo kwa sheria inayotuhusu! 3 months ago

hamis munjorinot happy with the way the bill is being tabled by j"hati ya dharura" 3 months ago

Adam Mwangama#UhuruWetu 3 months ago

Sebastian MkudeI do stand with NGO'S Constitution goes with constitutionalism 3 months ago

Joseph TengiaItatuondolea hudumia muhimu za afya zinazotolewa na hizo Taasisi! 3 months ago

Godfrey MollelKusifanyike marekebisho yoyote kwa sasa.Mimi naona sio muda muafaka mpaka pale wananchi wrote watakapo elewa. 3 months ago

chunda jumaSheria mbovu 3 months ago

Ayubu SimwanzaTo get chance for contributions for different matter about Tanzania especially in amendments 3 months ago

Joseph AndabwaEnough time and thorough diologue is key for a participative law making process. The proposed ammendments will change the rules of the game which were made not under certificate of urgency. If the very laws that are meant for ammendments were not made under urgency why should their ammendments be under urgency? Let the government allow full partcipation of the critical mass. 3 months ago

Bilali OmariThe bill shouldn't go with extra ordinary process 3 months ago

Seleman AssadSheria ili iwe bora na yenye manufaa inapaswa kutengewa muda wa kutosha ili wadau wote washiriki kutoa maoni. 3 months ago

Erick MbiligiNGOs ni sauti ya wanyonge!! Wasiupitishe huo msaada mpaka wananchi tujadili kwanza kwa upana suala hili 3 months ago

Philipo FlorianThe shareholders are not well educated about these changes. There is no consent done to them before those amendments were submitted. 3 months ago

Kujerwa MichaelTunahitaji muda zaidi ili tuujadili muswaada 3 months ago

Japheth mmbaga ElietTo support #changetanzania 3 months ago

Antony MasoroAZAKi wahusishwe kwenye mabadiliko iweje swala nyeti lenye maslahi kwa RAIA na haki zao liletwe bungeni kubadilishwa kwa hati ya dharula? 3 months ago

John JohnTunahitaji muda wa ziada ili miswada ijadiliwe vizuri. 3 months ago

Seif SuleimanHaraka zanini kutaka kutumia Muda mchache kupitisha Jambo kubwa kama hili? Ombeni Muda tukae meza moja tujadiliane na elimu tupeane then tufikie muafaka kama Wazalendo kweli Kwa nchi hii. 3 months ago

Herry MjemaWasipitishe Huo muswada, tuwe na mjadala mpana wa kitaifa juu ya mapendekezo hayo na mwisho wa siku wananchi ndio tutakao hamua Kama tunahitaji mabadiliko kwenye huo muswada 3 months ago

Mohamed MohamedSIMAMISHA MSWADA 3 months ago

James MajutoWaondoe hati ya dharula mpaka wananchi tutoe maonii yetu 3 months ago

Gaury MdeeMm naamini NGOs ni sauti ya wanyonge kwa wale wasio na sauti na maendeleo kokote duniani yamekuja kwa kupitia demos. Hivyo naunga mkono jambo hili. 3 months ago

Mika JohnMkataba huu mbovu usiruhusiwe kupitishwa Bungeni. Wabunge wasikubali kupitisha mkataba huu. 3 months ago

Annie WillyIs just not enough time to comeout with resonable result/solution. 3 months ago

Brighton ChristopherJambo lolote zuri halitaki haraka nashauri mswada usipitishwe mpaka wadau wapate mda wa kuujadili na kuufanyia marekebisho kama nia ya serikali ni nzuri hakuna haja ya kuupitisha haraka haraka. 3 months ago

Calvin MarcoHaki na usawa. 3 months ago

Rick NchimbiNi issue ya kihuni tu!yenye lengo la kudhoofisha democrasia inayokuwa nchini. 3 months ago

Bwomi MubaFreedom of speech and expression, good governance, human rights etc. 3 months ago

Rahma MaliqKwanini hawasubiri maoni ya wadau y do rush 3 months ago

Kelvin CharlesTo oppose these laws to be amended without considering its importance in the community also to oppose these laws to be discussed by lawmakers for a short time compared to the sensitivity of these laws 3 months ago

Clever MwakalingaHaraka haraka haina baraka, pole pole ndo mwendo, sheria ni nyingi na zenye madhara makubwa hivyo umakini na muda vinahitajika 3 months ago

Edward LikudaThese laws are dryicanial at all 3 months ago

DOnart KasimbaKuongezwa muda kwa Bunge la Tanzania katika kajadili mabadiliko ya sheria ili kuleta manufaa mapana ya taifa na siyo watu wachache. 3 months ago

Sylivanus MarwaSheria za hizi ni kwajiri ya wananchi wa Tanzania. Hivyo ni vema kuwepo na muda wa kutosha ili ikiwezekana na jamii izipitie ili iweze kuzielewa vizuri. Kwahyo Mimi kwa mawazo yangu naomba hati ya dharura iondolewe 3 months ago

Daniel NgakondaIs not fair for public interest 3 months ago

Beatus MwangomoMaoni ya wadau yazingatiwe 3 months ago

Yanga NgalawaThere is no need to make the law with certificate of urgency 3 months ago

Bemedict BageniIt is a vital change that require public awareness and opinions. We need to know what and how! 3 months ago

Joseph NdatalaTime extend to discus NGO Law 3 months ago

Selestin MtweveWhy these amendment now? Tupate mda kuijadili 3 months ago

Ibrahim MineKupinga sheria kandamizi kupelekwa bungeni kwa hati ya dharura hali sheria zenyewe hazina faida kwa taifa bali zipo kwa maslahi ya watu wachache ambao wanataka kuendelea kutawala nchi yetu ili wao waendelee kujinufainsha kisiasa na kiuchumi tunaitaka serikali kuachana na sheria hizi kandamizi ambazo zinaminya uhuru wetu 3 months ago

Cornel MujunguIli kutoa muda wa kutosha wa kujadiliwa kwa umakini zaidi ili yatoke maamuzi yatakayokuwa na tija kwa sisi sote ili kusiwepo manung'uniko na sontofahamu kwetu sote. Hivyo kwa nia ya dhati mapendekeza kuondolewa kwa hati ya dharula ili wawakilishi wetu (Wabunge) wapate kujadili kwa mawanda mapana kwa ustawi wetu, asante 3 months ago

Brian LaroyaOut this bad law 3 months ago

Mbaraka KatelaIt need a public debate... There is a lot of negative side effects can occur when the law will be passed and signed by the president 3 months ago

Alex KitutuNi muhimu kwa wadau wote wakapata muda wa kutosha kuelewa na kutoa mapendekezo yao kwa ajilinya ustawi wa taifa letu 3 months ago

Alex DottoMuda uwepo wa kutosha kujadili mabadiriko hayo pasipo kukurupuka. 3 months ago

Francid ErnestSheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Issa YindiShort time with huge job to be done. 3 months ago

Lusajo MwaisakaNinaamini kwamba sheria hizi zinagusa maeneo mbali mbali katika maisha ya Watanzania hivyo kuzibadilisha kwa hati ya haraka kutapelekea maamuzi ambayo yatakuwa hayajahusishaa Wananchi ambao ndio tunaamini ni wamiliki wa nchi. Katika hayo tunaamini kwamba kuna athari kubwa zaidi katika kupitisha mabadilio haya kwa haraka ukilinganisha na pale ambapo Bunge litaridhia na kushirikiana na wadau katika sekta mbalimbali zinazoguswa katika kufanya marekebisho katika sheria hizi. 3 months ago

Harris LigangaThoroughly and deep review is highly needed to safeguard public interest at large. 3 months ago

Faida MbwamboKupata muda wa kutosha kufanya maamuzi sahihi kwa maslahi ya nchi na wana nchi 3 months ago

Michael ThabitiReason for Signing (Optional)mda unatakiwa utolewe wa kutosha 3 months ago

Khalfani MbwamboUnreasonable time given 3 months ago


Cleophad NtakijeTunahitaji kuwa na sheria nzuri juu ya mambo haya, ikiwa hazitakuwa rafiki maana yake NGOs nyingi za nchi za nje zitalazimika kusitisha shughuli na kuondoka, hili litasababisha tatizo lingine kubwa la ajira kwa wananchi na huenda tukawa tumezalisha tatizo lingine kubwa la kuvuruga uchumi na amani. Busara inahitaji kutumika kabla ya kupitisha mswada wowote unaogisa wananchi moja kwa moja. 3 months ago

Salma SaidKutungwe sheria kwa maslahi ya nchi na wananchi wake na kusitungwe sheria kwa ajili ya kuwakomoa watu maalumu. Lakini pia wananchi na wadau washirikishwe kutoa maoni na sio kupelekwa hati ya dharura. Ombi langu muda uongezwe wa kupokea maoni ya wana Azaki na wananchi wa Tanzania. 3 months ago

Donaldson MwambambaleMuda uongezwe 3 months ago

Sylvester MwitalaSikubaliani na marekebisho haya,marekebisho haya yanafanyika ili kulenga baadhi ya asasi ambazo msimamo wake umekuwa tofauti na serikali. Ni ajabu sasa taifa limefikishwa hapa na watu wachache ambao wanatamani watutawale milele,wakiona kuna sheria yyte inatoa mwanya au haki kwa upande wa pili basi itatungiwa sheria na bahati mbaya sana watunga sheria nao ni sehemu yao au kwa lugha nyepesi wamewakusanya watu ambao wamewapa hadhi ya ubunge ili kupitisha mambo yao. Siiungi mkono kabisa. 3 months ago

Felix KaizaHakuna ulazima wa kuharakisha kujadili na kupitishwa kwa sheria hovu kama kama hizi kwa hati ya dharula (ata kwa majadiliano yasio ya dharula) 3 months ago

Aklei MchanaNchi ya Tanzania ni Jamuhuri Huru....viongozi wapeni wananchi haki na Uhuru wa kuchangia miswada mbalimbali kabla ya kuipeleka bungeni. Hati za dharura za Nina.? Tunawahi wapi .? 3 months ago

Mzalendo YetuNaipenda nchi napenda maendeleo Uhuru na haki 3 months ago

Bakari Ndeke#WenyeNchiNiWananchi sheria zinawahusu wao. Wapewe nafasi ya kufanya majadiliano na kutoa mapendekezo. 3 months ago

Lilian KallagheI support respect for human freedoms 3 months ago

james chaholagetting more news from this sites and share some ideas 3 months ago

Caesar FaustinKwa kuanzia sio mbaya ila hizi sheria zinazotungwa kwa hati ya dharua hazifai kabisa maana hamna sheria hata moja ambayo tunaona matunda yake. Kama wanataka basi tuje na katiba mpya. 3 months ago

Angella MwanriBunge liwe makini katika kupitisha sheria kandamizi mfano hiyo ya makampuni. 3 months ago

Tido Tido martinTogether we can 3 months ago

Willy MakundiTo stem the tide towards full blown dictatorship by the government and the subservient parliament 3 months ago

Fredrick SaweSheria kandamizi kama hizi zinazopitishwa kwa hati ya dharura bila kupelekwa kwa wananchi kwanza hazifai 3 months ago

Adam ParaxedUhuru wa kujieleza ndiyo sifa ya demokrasia 3 months ago

Jones TembaPatriotism 3 months ago

Franco MtuiKuiomba serikali kabla ya kupitisha sheria zake ipate maoni pia ya wadau tofauti ambao wanauzoefu na field hizo tuache nadharia tu. Mnatukwamisha 3 months ago

Howahowa MbeyaNaupinga huo mswaada kwa hali yeyote hii nchi ni ya wananchi watanzania siyo kikundi furani kwa maslahi yao binafsi 3 months ago

Winstone AndreaMiswada pendekezwa kwaajili ya mabadiliko, ina maslai mapana kwa wananchi na taifa kwa ujumla, hivyo basi kusiwe na haraka yoyote mpaka wadau husika wa kila mswada wamehusishwa na jamii kwa jumla 3 months ago

Ytzhqel EliasHas to be underrated 3 months ago

Fredinarnd ChigumaExtension of time to have wide duration for discussions of the bills. The provided is inadequate. 3 months ago

Gasiano KiwiaTunalitaka mbunge lisipitishe hiyo sheria ya mbovu 3 months ago

Edward MbogoMore civics participation 3 months ago

Deogratias MboyaWe need time to discuss it 3 months ago

Andrew Ngong'olaI support the petition 3 months ago

Jimmy KamugishaSheria ni kandamizi 3 months ago

Abdallah FundikiraSheria zilizopitishwa kwa hati ya dharura zimechangia kuleta mkwamo kwenye secta 3 months ago

fratern shirimaMiswada isipitishwe kwa hati ya dharura sababu inaweza ikawa na kasoro ambazo zinaweza kuathiri maisha ya watu.Ni busara wadau wakashirikishwa kuona kama una manufaa kwa mustakabali wa maisha ya watu. 3 months ago

Ngavuti mshaoReason for Signing (Optional)We need a fair ground for all 3 months ago

abraham mbuyaMambo ya dharura yasiyo na muda wa kutafakari ya kina hayajawahi kuwa na tija 3 months ago

Aikande NkyaBeing updated with current matters in my country 3 months ago

Adam MakukaI support the petition 3 months ago

Kidume EthanHakuna dharura kwenye hili 3 months ago

Ewald MbuyaHamna haja ya kupeleka mswada kwa hati ya dharura kwa sababu hakuna 3 months ago

Adili MufurukiHati ya dharulala inayohusu sheria za asasi za kiraiya dini na makampuni na wadhamini iyondolewe iletwe tuijadili mpaka kikao kijacho cha bunge ndio ipelekwe kupata maoni ya wadau wengi kwa manufa ya taifa na sisi wote 3 months ago

Majaliwa ChuiThey is no need to have an pressure to those bill of law ,we need enough time to discuss and reach the mutual understanding ,no need to push ,no need to rush. Please give your people chance 3 months ago

Veronica SarungiLove for Tanzania 3 months ago

Mbaraka IslamNi vyema wadau wakashirikishwa badala ya udharura. Tuongee, tushirikishane kwa Maslahi Mapana ya Taifa na watu wake 3 months ago

Emmanuel MurugaDiscussion time of the bill is not friendly. 3 months ago

Salome Mshananegotiations are the way of life for both parties to benefit and help the country move forward. #ChangeTanzania 3 months ago

Kambi MtonMaisha yetu yanatokana na Amani yetu! #Tanzania kwanza#UhuruWetu#TutaelewanaTU... 3 months ago

Salim SaadTo give time to others to discuss 3 months ago

Ndesumbuka MerinyoIt's important for citizens to be part of changes in the laws of the country 3 months ago

Yusuph Mng'ombeInclusive Development for Citizens 3 months ago

David ChikichikiA law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it. And law is not a law if it violates principle of eternal peace and justice.(LMD) 3 months ago

Gunje MasungaWe need to be free 3 months ago

Ahmed MushiHuo muswada hatuhutaki kwa maana ni kandamizi serikali ya awamu hii inataka kila sehemu ya ukosoaji wapazibe mdomo 3 months ago

Erick RogerThis should be a two way communication and not otherwise. 3 months ago

Emanuel LameckThe Government has to take time to review their call, and impact it has on development of the country and its citizen 3 months ago

Winifrida MponziMuda utolewe kujadili hii sheria na watu watoe mapendekezo na maoni yai 3 months ago

Tuntufye MwambunguKuhakikisha Muda Unatolewa kujadili Huu Uharaka Wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria 3 months ago

Fadhil MusaSheria kandamizi ni kikwazo kwa maendeleo ya taifa letu....hili ni taifa la jamhur co nchi ya kidikitector 3 months ago

Margaret SwaiUhuru wangu haki yangu 3 months ago

Rozalia TemuDemocracy.. 3 months ago

Karoli UrassaSerikali iondoe hiyo miswada ili jamii na wadau wapate nafasi ya kuijadili na kutoa mapendekezo ili sheria ziwe na manufaa kwa Taifa 3 months ago

Bahati Mucyo Ntubasanalogo Petition Ombi Kwa bunge na serikali kuongeza muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali (8) zilizopo bunge kwa hati ya dharura. Posted on : 25 June, 2019 Tunawasilisha hapa ombi la kuongezewa muda kwa mchakato wa Muswada wa Mabadiliko ya Sheria mbali mbali ulioletwa bungeni kwa hati ya dharura. Muswada husika yaani the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act no.3 (2019) unahusu sheria nane: Sheria ya Makampuni, (Sura ya 212), Sheria ya Hakimiliki, (Sura ya 218), Sheria ya Filamu na Michezo ya Kuigiza, (Sura ya 230), Sheria ya Mashirika yasiyo ya Kiserikali, (Sura ya 56), Sheria ya Vyama vya Kijamii, (Sura ya 337), Sheria ya Takwimu (Sura ya 351), Sheria ya Uwakala wa Meli, (Sura ya 415) na Sheria ya Muunganisho wa Wadhamini, (Sura ya 318). Tunataka hati ya dharura iondolewe ili kupata nafasi ya kufanya majadiliano yatakayoplekea kufikiwa kwa muafaka mzuri na kuboresha nia njema ya serikali kuimarisha usimamizi na uratibu wa sekta ya Azaki. Marekebisho hayo ya sheria mbalimbali yanaleta mabadiliko muhimu katika sekta husika na jamii kwa ujumla. Ni muhimu kuhakikisha kwamba tunakuwa na mtazamo wa pamoja juu ya matokeo ya mabadiliko hayo kabla ya kupitisha sheria hizo. Ushirikishaji unatoa nafasi kwa watu wengi zaidi na kupata mitazamo tofauti katika mchakato huu, ungeturuhusu kutazama kwa mawanda mapana zaidi na kupata suluhisho sahihi. Hatua hii inaweza kupunguza madhara yanayoweza kujitokeza, kusaidia kuwachechemua wadau kufanya maamuzi sahihi na kufanya utekelezaji wa sheria hizo kuwa rahisi bila kukumbana na vikwazo. Tunaamini kuwa kuna nafasi kubwa ya kuboresha mapendekezo na imani ya wananchi kama mchakato uliopo sasa utasitishwa na kutoa mwanya mpaka bunge lijalo ili wananchi washiriki. Sisi kama raia wema wa Tanzania, tunaomba hati ya dharura iondolewe kwenye huu muswada ili sisi sote tuweze kushiriki katika kuboresha kwa sekta ya Asasi za Kiraisa na ujenzi wa taifa letu. 3 months ago

j peterWazitoe kabisa 3 months ago

Malacki AikoQuite unfair to us the citizens! 3 months ago

Biureda SaidyUshirikishwaji wa wananchi ni finyu sana,na wengi hawaelewi nini kinachoendelea. 3 months ago

Nicas NibengoLet the bill be discussed among stakeholders 3 months ago

Richard Msittu#UhuruWetu 3 months ago

Maneno MdetelePamoja Na Kua Sheria Hizi Ulete Mabadiliko Chanya Ya Taifa Letu Lakini Tunaomba Kabla Ya Kuleta Sheria Hizi Kuwepo Kwa Ushirikishwaji Baina Ya Wananchi Na Viongozi Walioleta Sheria Hizo 3 months ago

Yose HozaSheria inatoa madaraka makubwa kwa msajili ambapo Hakuna nafasi ya kisheria utetezi, inapunguza nguvu ya uwajibikaji 3 months ago

junior masukilasikubariani na haya mapendekezo 3 months ago

Dismas DanielsThese law are not good for NGOs development and its welfare. Statistics laws are awful for growth and development of research institutions 3 months ago

Imery NgowiI need more time for citizen to discuss and get more information no need to rush 3 months ago

Wema KakomangaThis regime aims at legislating oppressive laws by denying citizens their right to debate and give constructive opinion on what should become restricted by the law. 3 months ago

Johnson RonjeSheria yoyote inayonihusu inahitaji uwakilishi wangu binafsi au kupitia mbunge wangu. Sasa kama sote hatupati nafasi ya kuijadili hiyo sheria kuna mtu ananitakia mabaya. 3 months ago

Fatma KarumeObservance of the Constitution is a must in a democratic society 3 months ago

Tyrone NavydKodi iwekwe kwenye madini siyo pedi 3 months ago

kelvin mmasisipendezwi na mswada kuletwa na hati ya dharura 3 months ago

Aidan Eyakuzehttps://www.twaweza.org/go/miscellaneous-amendments-analysis 3 months ago

Prince PrincekharryDemocrasia ya kweli tunahitaji 3 months ago

Cosmas MafungoNi mbaya kwa taifa kwa ujumla, huwezi badili sheria kwa maslahi binafsi. 3 months ago

Saidi FundikiraToo many laws=Loss of citizen’s freedoms 3 months ago

Hassan HarunSikubaliani na muswada huo!! 3 months ago

Festo MrinaWe need more time so as all NGO stakeholders to participate full 3 months ago

Henry MwaipopoTunahitaji uhuru 3 months ago

Mustapha PeterMabadiliko haya ya sheria kes hati ya dharura bila ushirikishwaji wa jamii ya ujumla sio sahihi na haipaswi kuacha hivo hivo 3 months ago

Richard NyandaKuhakikisha kuwa unapatikana muda wa kutosha ili haki ya kukusanyika ilindwe! 3 months ago

Goodluck MaliloWe need more time to digest the pros and cons of these laws in relation to our Tanzania Constitution. Why do we need to rush it? Please MP'S help us to withdraw it for further discussion. 3 months ago

Mapene ShillingSerikali Itambuwe Kuwa Sheria Hizi Za Hovyo Zikipitishwa Nchi Yetu Inaweza Kuingia Kwenye Mdororo Wa Uchumi 3 months ago

Vicky NtetemaAs representatives I the community we have the right to participate in decisions that will affect us, the whole society and the nation in general. I believe that the Fifth Term government is the government of the people by the people for the people. Citizen participatory is a key component in policy decision making. I believe that the incumbent our very own President Ndugu John Pombe Magufuli is a listening and caring leader and that he will grant us the opportunity to air our genuine concerns about the Bills to be tabled that will hurt the very people he is leading and has vowed to walk with them them the road to prosperity and creating a middle-income industrialized nation. God bless Tanzania, her people and her leaders! 3 months ago

Mathius GwawuMuswada haufai kwasababu unatishia ajira za maelfu ya watanzania na utaudidimiza uchumi na maendeleo ya nchi kwa ujumla. Urejewe upya na wananchi tupatiwe fursa ya kuijadili na kutoa maoni yetu. 3 months ago

Regina TaylorWabunge wasipitishe sheria hizi kwa hati ya dharura, kwani inavunja haki za binadamu. Kuwe na debate ya kina kufanya upembuzi yakinifu kujua madhara yatayotokana na kupitishwa kwa hizi sheria. 3 months ago

judith nyasebwamabadiliko ya sheria za nchi zinazopitishwa bila kuangalia wanajamii 3 months ago

Emmanuel WaisaiUhuru wetu 3 months ago

Kipara WaituMabadiliko yana kwenda kudidimiza Uhuru wa hizi taasis muhimu katika jamii 3 months ago

Andrew SengatiNaamini nchi yetu niya kidemokrasia, na moja ya features of Democracy is people's participation in their own matters. Nafikiri ni vyema raia wakajua cons and pros za huu mswada Kwa kushikirikishwa ktk kutoa mawazo na Maoni yao, pia kuwajengea watu Awareness cause haya ni mambo yanayoihusu jamii yenyewe. DEMOCRACY IS NOT ONLY AN IDEAL. DEMOCRACY IS FIRST AND FOREMOST A MATERIAL QUESTION (It concern the lives of people in their daily struggle for material existence) - Prof. Yash Tandon 3 months ago

John NgingaLaws of NGos Bill June, 2019 3 months ago

Jerry SonnoI need more time to talk With holy spirit about this... 3 months ago

Petro KishambaWe need democracy and not power. 3 months ago

Basil LemaCitizens should be involved in making decision on how they should be governed 3 months ago

Scholastica PembeKuongeza muda wa mswada wa sheria ya CSOs 3 months ago

Neema KitunduMore time should be allocated for discussion, consultation and people's view and also review comments on the bill. 3 months ago

Tumainiel MangiTanzania ni yetu sote na itajengwa kwa mawazo na michango wa wadau wote. Miswada inayopitishwa kuwa sheria ipate muda wa kutosha na kujadiliwa kwa umakini ili kukidhi hitaji tarajiwa na kuchangia maendeleo ya nchi. Muswada huu upewe muda was kujadiliwa kama kuna yanayafaa ni sahihi yabaki lakin kama yapo ya kukwamisha maendeleo na Uhuru wa wananchi yatolewe ama kurekebishwa. 3 months ago

Odero OderoCall upon Bunge To stop discussing the NGOsBill 3 months ago

Jaruo KarebeIt need more time and participatory 3 months ago

Abdullah SaiwaadWhy the hurry? 3 months ago

Frederick KihweloAccord more time for public hearing of the proposed amendments 3 months ago

Kudra GarulaTo protest against the proposed law which is injustice to the citizen 3 months ago

Mathias MatindeTunaomba serikali kuondoa hiyo sheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Adams ChagulaniI don't agrees with the changing process going to take place because it will be inhuman and against democracy 3 months ago

Samson RingoSipendi sheria kandamizi/sheria za hovyo zenye maslahi ya baadhi badala ya maslahi ya taifa. 3 months ago

Majura BabuMswada pendekezwa unaohusu NGO's /kampuni usitishwe mara moja. 3 months ago

Ladislaus MassaweNaunga mkono barua hii 3 months ago

saimu mohamedNi vema miswada ya sheria kupewa muda zaid kujadililiwa kabla ya kupitishwa 3 months ago

abdulkarim jumakutoa fursa kwa wadau kuupitia kuujadili na kutoa mapendekezo ili uwe rafiki kwa ujenzi wa taifa letu 3 months ago

Rajabu AllyHuwezi kuongeza sheria bila kiwashirikisha watekelezaji na kujua Mani yao 3 months ago

Akram mussaWe dont want a government to be in control but in leadership ,it should lead us not controlling us. This bill is simply an action of a tyrant leadership ,NGO's play a vital role in every country 3 months ago

Abdul MukandaraHatuwezi kupitisha kila sheria bila kutoa muda wa wawakilishi kupata muda wa kuchambua. Until the people of Tanzania do the right thing and vote in people with, not only genuine interest to save Tanzania but with capacity and passion to do so, we will keep going round in circles. 3 months ago

Hassan RwititaTunaomba serikali kuondoa kabisa mswada wa mabadiliko ya sheria 3 months ago

Richard MabalaSheria hizi zinazidi kufinya si uhuru wa kusema tu, bali hata uhuru wa kufanya kazi na kuchangia maendeleo ya taifa letu. 3 months ago

Abdulrahman KihangeI want the government that listens. The one which let people speak freely. I want full recovered freedom of speech 3 months ago

Shabani RamadhaniInclusive Development for Citizens with freedom of expression 3 months ago

Issack MassaweAm against all bad laws that limits freedom of expression and other basic rights provided in the constitution of Tanzania 3 months ago

Pius MakeneFreedom of speech is a right to everyone 3 months ago

Right MwampangaTunahitaji mjadala mpana sheria zote zinatugusa sisi wananchi na sio jinsi kikundi cha watu kinavyotaka 3 months ago

Ismail LadhuBunge linapaswa kuwawakilisha wananchi. Kukimbiza miswada kwa hati ya dharura ni kuwanyima wananchi haki ya kupitia kwa kina miswada hiyo na kutoa maoni yao ambayo Wabunge wakiwa ni wawakilishi wa wananchi wanapaswa kuyazingatia wanapotunga sheria. #UhuruWetu 3 months ago

Oscar GaboneKuongeza mda wa kupitia sheria 3 months ago

Hassan PukeyI want to see there is freedom for Civil Society organizations and NGOs in working space especially in statistics and information degradation. 3 months ago

Salim Amourthrough the bill properly 3 months ago

Kenedy AfisaIf this bill will became a law all CBOs, NGOs, FBOs, in general CSOs will not function independently. AZAKI will end here in Tanzania. 3 months ago

Dennis NomboI am scare of these irregularities in law making 3 months ago

Juma MsamiSheria yoyote yenye tija kwa taifa na watanzania inahitaji muda wa kutosha wa majadiliano. Hakuna sababu ya kuleta sheria hizo kwa hati ya dharura kwani tumekuwa tukiishi bila hizo sheria kwa muda mrefu bila kuwepo kwa misuko suko ya kutuangusha kama taifa. 3 months ago

David MkanzaTo protect the freedom of speech 3 months ago

Charles JohnKupinga muda wa uwasilishaji wa miswada 8 bungeni ,hivyo tunahitaji muda zaidi uongezwe ili iweze kurekebishwa na kujadiliwa kwa upana zaidi. 3 months ago

Zaida MgallaAmend NGO act bill 3 months ago

Elson KibasindilaNchi kama inaongozwa kwa kupitia katiba huru kwani kuna shida gani wananchi kujumuika kwenye Asasi za Kiraia? 3 months ago

Clemence MteiUhuru wa kujumuika pamoja ni haki yetu wala sio jambo linalohitaji mjadala mpana,wanaotaka kupindisha hili wana maslahi mabovu na taifa hili. 3 months ago

Wilson ElitwazaI don't agree with this bill 3 months ago

DAVID NTANDUHakuna ulazima wa kutumia hati ya dharura, tupewe muda zaidi wa kujadili. 3 months ago

Calvin LekuleHizi sheria zinaenda kudhiri.moja kwa moja watu wa chini 3 months ago

Justin RwahaThese laws are irrelevants for a free, democratic and civilized country as the United Republic of Tanzania. Drop those,discuss with all partners for a better future. 3 months ago

Khalifa MwaipopoSerikali Hii Imekuwaoga Sana Kwa Vyombo Vyote Vinavyopeleka Mawazo Tofauti Na Matakwa Yao. Hii Itakuwa Baada Ya Baadhi Ya Asasi Za Kiraia Kuandika Barua. Hili Kuzibana Wanapeleka Muswada Wa Dharula. 3 months ago

Barikiel KokaTuwasaidie wasichana 3 months ago

Patrice GwasmaTo remove the state of urgency for the amendment bill of written laws 3 months ago

Nickson KipangulaTusiuziwe mbuzi kwenye gunia. Watuache wadau tujadili 3 months ago

Frank PessI don't agree with this bill 3 months ago

Godfrey MteiHati ya dharura ya Sheria ya asazi za kiraia sheria ya filamu,na sheria makampuni ishitishwe kwanza mpka wadau wapate muda wa kupitia mapendekozo ya sheria 3 months ago

Wallace MunisiWhy mambo yanakwenda kwa dharula? Kungekuwa na mjadala mpana kwanza na kila kitu kiwe wazi, sheria nyingi za hati ya dharula tumeona jinsi nyingi zilivyo na mapungufu 3 months ago

jarateng JaluoHatutaki kuzibwa midomo! 3 months ago

Pili MtambalikeThe amendments will strangle the CSOs especially those doing advocacy work so that alternative voices and opinions will not be heard. It’s about control rather than regulation. 3 months ago

Yohana MtibaKusitisha kwa muda sheria zinazohusu AZAKI na kuruhusu mjadala kutoka kwa wadau mbali mbali ili kupitia maboresho yake. Siyo vizuri kila sheria tunakimbiza bungeni kwa dharura, ni vizuri zaidi tupate katiba mpya ili kuepukana na viraka vya mara kwa mara 3 months ago

Pascal kalangausawa wa watanzania maskini 3 months ago

Chisanyo NgoroReason for Signing (Optional) mswaada hauna maslahi kwa Taifa 3 months ago

Iman KyomoHati ya dharura nikichaka cha kuziba maoni ya jamii dhidi ya Miswada ya sheria itakayo gusa jamii husika ikipitishwa kuwa Sheria. 3 months ago

pascal andrewmuda unahitajika zaidi kwenye mabadiliko ya sheria mbali mbali. serikali iache kukurupuka tz ni ya wananchi. 3 months ago

Rebecca RyakitimboTo protect civic space we need civil societies to have the ability to exercise there rights as per the constitution to freedom of assembly,association,speech among others,this amendments wont make that happen 3 months ago

Moses MachaMuswada hauna masilai kwa taifa na mdhara ni makubwa kuliko faida 3 months ago

Faustinius StancelausThe proposed amendment will give absolute power to the Register of Companies. It is possible to be intereferd by political influence and since his power is unlimited will result to bias and unfair treatment 3 months ago

Paul MikongotiThe Bill has effects to CSOs and beneficiaries at large, who are the everyday mwananchi. It is for that reason that consultation from all affected stakeholders is needed. 3 months ago

George WilliamNGOs needs to engage the govt before passing the bill 3 months ago

Richard KagosiThe amendment no need to be brought under certificate of urgency 3 months ago

Risha ChandeTunahitaji muda wa kujadili mabadiliko haye 3 months ago

Jovitus TraseasBeing supporting the petition 3 months ago

Anna HengaUnnecessary certificate of urgency 3 months ago

Sackson MwawezaChaneTanzania 3 months ago

Godfrey TelliThe ammendments need more time for further review 3 months ago

Charles GodaNi haki ya jamii kushirikishwa kikamilifu. 3 months ago

Annastazia RugabaMuswada una madhara makubwa kwa taifa 3 months ago

Aneka AnekaUnreasonable amendment(s) 've no place in Tanzania. 3 months ago

John MazandaNeed more time for the stakeholders to discuss 3 months ago

Abdul MrishoSiungi mkono mabadiliko haya 3 months ago

Fanuel SindikaTunahitaji muda zaidi wa kujadili hizo sheria pendekezwa 3 months ago

Charles MchomeI need my rights to be protected by the government and not taken away through any law. I need my Tanzania 3 months ago

Elly SaadThe laws are for the interests of few government officials and not for benefiting the nation and citizens, also it undermine freedom of people 3 months ago

Said MsangiTunaitaji Katiba Mpya 3 months ago

Fakih HamadNimekubaliwa kueka sain Kwa madhalimu ccm 3 months ago

Kudrat MakwetaMapendekezote ya marekebisho ya sheria mbali mbali 3 months ago

Mabula SweyaHatutaki sheria kandamizi 3 months ago

Jovent MushwaimiTunataka Katiba mpya ya umma na sio vinginevyo ,nchi haiwezi kwenda bila katiba ambalo ni hitaji la watu. 3 months ago

Felician HuliloMabadiliko hayahitaji haraka sana na papara hasa yanayohusu sheria 3 months ago

Jonas KitigaHuman Rights protection is my basic responsibility 3 months ago

Clement MsemoMore time required in order to know on why government rushes all those amendments on emergency 3 months ago

Steven MwashamboReason for Signing (Optional)I need to free to express my views in my country. We need Total freedom to AZAKI 3 months ago

Lutgard KagarukiOur basic right 3 months ago

SOLOMON ZAKAYOWe need more time to read and understand what the government is proposing in all these act, not under emergency 3 months ago

James IsdoreSheria hiyo ni kwa maslahi ya Taifa na siyo ya Serikali. Hakuna sababu ya kuharakisha kama kuzima moto. 3 months ago

Mzalendo DaimaSheria ni msumeno. 3 months ago

Kumbusho KagineSheria hizi zina lengo la kudidimiza na kuua kabisa demokrasia nchini kwetu hususani haki ya kukusanyika (right of association). Ni lazima kama taifa tuukatae muswada huu uliowasilishwa kwa hati ya dharura..... 3 months ago

lameck wilsonMost of Tanzanian, are unaware of law. We depend government to help the mass of Tanzanian in amending law which are directly saving people in a sense that when reasonable people will use conscience to reason these positive law ,should be no doubt that it is conversely with natural law which is inherent and inallienable. For such reason we are obliged to horn in government from the mass of people to prohibit the miscellaneous amendment bill of .2019 3 months ago

Jones SendodoI believe that if this Bill is passed as is, there will be going to be far reaching implications in the CSOs sector in Tanzania 3 months ago

Lisa HildephonceChanges is not an overnight process haki ni kwa kila mtanzania 3 months ago

Joseph EmanuelyTunajua utawala huu unaandaa mazingira ya kutawala daima ndo maana kila sheria wanaibadilisha ili wakiaanza kutumaliza wakae salama ila stand up and count number 3 months ago

Hellen SisyaMabadiliko haya yanahitaji muda zaidi kwa ajili ya mjadala na kusaidia kuboresha sheria hz ili zije kuinufaisha jamii na sio kubomoa. #UhuruWetu 3 months ago

Chris MwaiJamii ya Kitanzania ndio ina hitaji sheria hizi, basi ina bidi ipewe fursa ya kuzijua/ kuzipitia na kutoa mapendekezo kwa lengo la Tanzania. 3 months ago

Onesmo OlengurumwaSheria hii inakwenda kuuwa sekta ya AZAKI nchini 3 months ago

Michael RaphaelHaki ya maoni juu ya sheria kandamizi sio sawa 3 months ago

Maria TsehaiHii ni sawa na kubomoa supporting walls za nyumba unapotaka kufanya ukarabati. Lazima nyumba itaporomoka 3 months ago

Said SalumSheria zinazojadiliwa kubadilisha zinatia hofu kwenye mwelekeo wa uhuru wa kujieleza kwa waishio nchini. Kwa kuwa sheria hizi zina uzito mkubwa na zitaleta mabadiliko mazito kwa wananchi lazma zipewe muda muafaka wakufikiriwa na kuhakikisha hatua iliyo bora kwa masilahi ya wananchi wote inachukuliwa kwa kuhusisha mawazo yao. 3 months ago

Kauthar KhalfanBaadhi ya sheria zifanyie marekebisho,,,, tunapoelekea ni kuanza kuandaa na sheria ambazo zitanyima uhuru wa mtu kufanya maamuzi yake binafsi 😤 #uhuruwetu 3 months ago

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