Judge Nyalalis Report.

On February, 27 1991 the then President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency AL HAJ ALI HASSAN MWINY1 appointed a Presidential Commission on Mono Party or MultiParty System. The Commission, composed of eminent and distinguished personalities in the United Republic of Tanzania, was headed by His Lordship Francis Lucas Nyalali the Chief Justice of the United Republic of Tanzania. It submitted its Report on 17lh February, 1992.

After recommending changes in both Constitutions, the Commission set upon itself to “recommend changes which are required in the laws of the two Governments” because of the fact that “those laws either remove from the people’ their freedom and basis rights or at times impinge on the freedom of the people’s rights”. A set of forty (40) laws were further identified to be of “oppressive nature” and were considered unconstitutional and in some cases outdated.

The Commission recommended that either the Attorney General’s Chambers or the law Reform Commission of Tanzania should examine those legislations with a view to recommending repeal or amendment as appropriate.

It is from the above premise that the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania undertook the STUDY, the subject of this Report sometime in 1993. In November 1993 the Commission submitted its initial recommendations to the Government on the designated legislations.

The Commission has now accomplished the task assigned to it. The Research on he project has been arduous, time consuming due its importance, complexity and controversy. The Commission made extensive Consultations by way of a Workshop in Dar es Salaam and public meetings throughout the Mainland Tanzania.

In accordance with section 14(1) of the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania Act, 1980, we have the honor to submit the final Report on the Designated Legislations in the Nyalali Commission Report.

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