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Inclusive Development for Citizens FORUM 2019 WENYE NCHI NI WANANCHI – HAKI NA WAJIBU WA RAIA

Posted on : 14 February, 2019


The 2nd Inclusive Development for Citizens Forum is happening 3 years since the first Change Forum occurred in 2016. The 1st Forum happened in the early times of the current administration under President Magufuli, when the civic and political space was not that different. Since then Tanzanians have witnessed a closing of the civic space like never before with arrests, detention, forced disappearances of not only politicians or activists but of ordinary citizens - students, artists and bloggers.

In addition, there has been a continued rhetoric from government officials (Executive, Judiciary and Legislative) about disparaging activism and making the word activist and active citizenry even more undesirable attribute than it was previously. The Forum wishes to center on the motto of Inclusive Development for Citizens that change comes from “few committed and thoughtful citizens” and therefore push back against the rhetoric and also provide historic, legal and practical insight to being an active citizen. The outputs of the Forum will include also grassroots organizing through:

1.    Inclusive Development for Citizens University clubs

2.    Inclusive Development for Citizens Active citizen’s groups

This is essential as Inclusive Development for Citizens seeks to translate the online followership to physical platforms in bringing about positive and sustainable change in Tanzania.



     1.Bill of rights - rights and responsibilities of citizens

     2.An Activist is an Active Citizen - Spirit of Volunteerism

     3.Online activism as development tool - Accountability and Service delivery

     4.Challenges facing Freedom of expression in Tanzania.

Guest of Honor : . Main Speaker : . Moderator : Maria Sarungi Tsehai
Panel List : .