Annual General Report On Performance Audit March 2022 – CAG Report

This general report provides common weaknesses, conclusions and recommendations, based on twelve Performance Audit Reports conducted in the financial year 2021/22. The conducted performance audits were on Management of Development Projects Financed through Loans and Grant; Maintenance of Roads; Administration and Provision of Remands and Prisons Infrastructure; Management of Higher Education Students’ Loans; Financing and Management of Government Funds and Programs; Management of Museums and Historical Sites; Promotion of Tourism Sector; Management of Business Registration and Licensing; Implementation of Control Activities in Measurements; Development and Management of Mechanisms for Revenue Collection in the Mining Sector; Criminal Justice System in Tanzania; and Conservation and Protection of Wetland Ecosystems.

This general report aims at assisting Members of Parliament, the Government, mass media, the public and other stakeholders, to take informed decisions with the view of improving economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the use of public resources. This general report, however, is not intended to replace the said twelve individual Performance Audit Reports conducted and tabled to the Parliament in the previous financial years. The reader, therefore, is advised to rely on the full individual Performance Audit Reports referred to above.

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