Annual General Report On Audit Of Information Systems March 2022 – CAG Report

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has provided Governments across the globe with new ways of doing business and delivering services. It is perceived as a key enabler to governments to enhance their relationship with their clients, citizens in particular, as well as provision of competitive public services. This is based on the fact that citizens are now exposed to more responsive ICT-enabled products and services than ever before. They therefore, expect their governments to provide equivalent and even better services.

With this regard, public entities have responded to the opportunities offered by ICT that enable them to improve service delivery. However, implementation of ICT for use in the Government can be challenging and risky. This is not only due to the enshrined nature of Government businesses, but also, the capacity to manage and guide ICT initiatives successfully. Consequently, it raises a need for auditing ICT controls associated with information systems in use, and management of ICT operations in public entities to ensure return on investment and value delivery.

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