Annual General Report For Central Government Fy 2020 21 CAG – Report

The Mandate of the Controller and Auditor General The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) mandate is provided under Article 143 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 and further elaborated in the Public Audit Act, Cap.418 and the Public Audit Regulations G.N 47 of 2009. The CAG heads the National Audit Office, the Supreme Audit Institution of the United Republic of Tanzania, and an Independent Department of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. The CAG mandate extends to undertake various audits, including financial, compliance, performance, special, forensic, and any other type of audit as the CAG deems fit. The CAG is also empowered to make recommendations to prevent or minimise unproductive expenditure of public monies, maximising the collection of public revenues, averting loss by negligence, carelessness, theft, dishonesty, fraud, corruption relating to the public monies and resources. The CAG undertakes the above to bring about accountability and transparency in the management of public resources.

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