Administration And Provision Of Remands And Prisons Infrastructure – CAG Report

International law requires that prisoners and detainees be treated with humanity and respect for their inherent dignity as human persons1. As such in all cases and to every possible extent, prisons should be planned and designed to comply with the legal norms and principles intended to preserve the basic human rights and dignity of all persons2. In Tanzania, Prisons were established under the Prisons Act, Cap 58 [R.E. 2002] with the aim of keeping and reforming any person who is under detention whether he or she is convicted or not. According to the Act3, every prison shall include the grounds and buildings within the prison enclosure and also any other grounds or buildings belonging or attached thereto and used by prisoners or the staff of the prison4. In other words, every prison shall have infrastructure with facilities that will enable its operations. It includes but not limited to health, safety, transportation, water and sanitation, buildings and energy.

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